Wednesday 30 June 2004, by Anonymous :

YESS!! They can’t make a scooby doo 3 without SMG, so anybody will see it, i mean the movie wasn’t great, i gone for sarah to see this and i’m pretty sure a lot of people did the it doesn’t gonna have millions in box office...if not sarah so they can’t make it...will be senseless!

Thursday 1 July 2004, by Sonya :

This is old news. Sarah had already stated after she finished Scooby Doo Too she would not be appearing in any more of the sequels.

Thursday 1 July 2004, by SUZY Q :


Thursday 1 July 2004, by Anonymous :

Hmmm... the screenwriter for the first two movies name is Gunn. Two ’N’s.

Coincidence? I think not.

Thursday 1 July 2004, by Sharon Draughn :

I am a concerned fan of Sarah’s, I have been wondering if Sarah and Freddie is having problems with their marriage or if they are going to split up. You never see the two of them in new pictures together and Freddie is never with Sarah,It is like I have seen pictures of her but she has a bodyguard. And now I readed this and this has really made me start to wonder even more. I hope that they are ok,because they looked so happy together at one time. Sarah look’s sad in alot of her pictures when with a freind.

Concerned Freind,

Sharon Draughn

Thursday 1 July 2004, by Anonymous :

this is a good thing, scooby doo did nothing for her. it made her look like she can’t act! I think she and freddy are fine, she said a while ago she just didn’t want to work with him, she probably gets treated differently by the other actors if her husband’s around. also i would imagine she probably feels like part of a two-some instead of an individual person. i don’t think its actually anything against him.

Thursday 1 July 2004, by buffyfan 4ever :

I’m a really big fan of sarah and honestly I don’t want her to be sad. but if I had to tell the truth I would say that I don’t like freddy for her. may be she has realised that she loves david boreanaz, ha ha ha. whatever, don’t worry people, because if things are going badly, she’ll find the way to be better. SHE’S THE BEST!

Thursday 1 July 2004, by Barry :

The comments Sarah made have been taken out of context. They don’t even directly quote her. She’s worked with Freddie on five films now, how many other husband-wife actors have done that? It’s quite hard to work with someone you have that close and emotional bond to. It can affect your relationship, so it’s best to avoid it. However, if Sarah and Freddie are having problems, it’s nobody else’s business. They’ll tell people if and when they want to. Sarah not going back to Scooby is the best news I’ve heard for a long time. I love Sarah, but could barely watch those movies.

Friday 2 July 2004, by Darkbuffy :

Thank God!!!

Friday 17 June 2005, by Cassie Nolan :

Sarah should be in scooby doo 3 because she is the best

Tuesday 12 July 2005, by Cassie Nolan :

sarah should be in this movie because no one and i mean no one can replace her it is like if in the show friends if matthew pery aka chandlera didn’t want to be in friends any more because he did not like cortny cox aka monieca because he had to get married to her it would be so differnt and that is wot it would be like if sarah wasn’t in scooby doo 3. Sarah.m.Gellar if u read this u r my role model and by not being in scooby doo 3 u r leting me down so much

Wednesday 22 August 2007, by Anonymous :

I don’t think Scooby Doo 3 should be made if a different cast is needed. I loved the first two movies but I have a hard time watching sequels where the cast is different than the previous film.

Tuesday 28 August 2007, by Rebecca Hankins :

Why doesn’t she want to work with her husband any more?

Thursday 5 March 2009, by Todd198126 :

I love Sarah in the Scooby Movies,i like to see her in fun comedy type roles such as Buffy etc.The truth is since Scooby 2 she has done no comedy which is not good.Hopefully she will get back to work this year.I miss you Sarah!

Saturday 13 October 2012 :

I am big fan of sarah is my role model and I love her role in his movies scooby doo scooby doo above are very good and I love and sara must be in scooby doo 3

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