Wednesday 7 July 2004, by Sarah :

Holy smokes. Someone has put a lot of thought into cheese. Now that I think about it, there must be some explanation for all of references. How can cheese come up so many times in a show about a slayer and vampires? And it looks like this person has figured it out. Geez and I thought Buffy just really liked cheese.

Thursday 8 July 2004, by Anonymous :

I always thought that the cheese slices were the pieces of the Scoobies’ lives and the cheese man was telling them what to do with those pieces. Willow needed to find room for all the facets of her personality: witch, school whiz, friend, lover, fighter. The cheese man told Xander that the pieces of his life would not protect him. At this point in the story, Xander wasn’t really going anywhere in his job or his life. He needed to prioritize. Giles got the interesting "I wear the cheese, it does not wear me." I translate this to "You are not your job!" This interpretation fits with the other images around him including his girlfriend crying over an overturned baby-carriage once he entered the crypt (following his job). Buffy saw the cheese man wave two pieces of cheese with a big grin on his face. Since there are two sides of Buffy, the "normal" girl and the slayer, the cheese man is telling her that these two sides can in fact co-exist happily. Just my two cents ;-)

Thursday 8 July 2004, by Julie :

Wow...I’m not sure whether to be impressed or a little scared by this analysis... =o)

Thursday 8 July 2004, by Phreak :


That person put whey (hehe) too much thought into that.

Thursday 8 July 2004, by Balls :

This is the dumbest analysis involving the Buffyverse I’ve ever read. Especially consideirng Whedon even says, ON THE RESTLESS DVD COMMENTARY, that the Cheese meant nothing, he thought it would be funny.

I hope this is a joke.

Thursday 8 July 2004, by buffyjo :

someone has a bit too much free time on their hands!!! i always thought the cheese thing with buffy and riley was a bit random and i love the cheese man in restless, but i do believe that it is meant to be senseless.

Thursday 8 July 2004, by Anonymous :

The person who made this KNOWS the cheese means nothing. She says it in the first paragraph. Joss said so, and she know it. She just wanted to write a fun essay. Don’t bite her head off for it!

Wednesday 14 July 2004, by SarahW :

This is surely a joke. All done cheese in cheek. If not, then that is some cheesy article.

Wednesday 14 July 2004, by Liz :

Wow, i like this essay. It’s scary how something so silly can be made into a serious essay. But i like it.

Wednesday 28 July 2004, by k :

that’s very well thought up i must say. my own theory was that is was about masks...

willow’s dream is all about how she feels her identity is only skin deep and underneath she still feels inadequate - she has made space in her life for a mask, she has hidden what she feels to be her true self away.

xander always uses his humour to mask his fear, the cheese man is warning him that it will not work

’i wear the mask, it does not wear me’ is actually a direct quote from the man in the iron mask.

not exactly sure what the cheese man is signifying in buffy’s dream but i really haven’t thought about all this deeply. i think i prefer the buffy = cheese metaphor, it has less flaws in it and is very insightful... POWER TO THE CHEESE!!!

Sunday 18 April 2010 :

This is beyond awesome.

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