Wednesday 14 July 2004, by Anonymous :

okay, first i’m gonna get this out the way. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN? alan and jewels commmentary was probably the funniest thing i have seen (not including puppet angel) and sorry but i had to say it cuz its a great commentary and that pissed me off. joss’s objects in space commentary is great and i’v watched that ep like a hundred times cuz of the commentary. i think (even though thats how joss describes it) calling it a space western is not right. have you ever seen a western with half a plotline? beter than a western. more complicated, was getting to be very anti-capitilist and anti-totalirtarian towards the end lots of excellent stuff about controlling people and values which are obviously projected and exagerated from modern times. those are just my things i wanted to add. sorry about going on.

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