Wednesday 21 July 2004, by Anonymous :

I’d love to be happy about this, but how good can this news really be when we KNOW David Boreanaz won’t do it?

Wednesday 21 July 2004, by Anonymous :

I’m still a little skeptical just because at the convention I attended with David Boreanaz, he said that he would absolutely not do tv movies. The only way he would reprise his role as Angel would be on the big screen, or in some way that was bigger and better than the show. I guess maybe they’re thinking of doing other characters as the leads in the tv movies? But then they can’t be Angel movies if the title character isn’t in them, can they?

Thursday 22 July 2004, by Mark :

better recognize u made a mistake, fool.

Thursday 22 July 2004, by Eddie :

Whoa, this could be awesome. lets just hope its not a load of bull.

Thursday 22 July 2004, by Anonymous :

I don’t understand why does everyone care so much about the WB?? As long as DB doesn’t want to do any thing but big screne movies it isn’t going to happen. Plus David is moving on he even has a new series.

Thursday 22 July 2004, by SUZY Q :

I am so tired of hearing"OH WE MADE A MISTAKE CANCELLING ANGEL",and WE REALLY WANT AN ANGEL MOVIE..Yes have all heard that...NOW we just wanna hear its coming back.. dont stuff us around,just get cracking....

Friday 23 July 2004, by Anonymous :

WHo cares if it isn’t an "Angel" movie. I think I speak for everyone that it isn’t an angel movie we’re looking for. It’s a buffyverse movie. Let spike be the star, alongside Illeryia, Andrew, and Giles. Hell It’d be the happiest day of my life watching that. Though I believe that David would be interested in doing a TV movie, if it meant he could wrap up angel for good. You know, get his character out of the way. I’m talking about starting where the show left off, and have our friend Angel die. *shrug* it’d work. Then you throw in the characters you want "The scooby gang heard trouble was up in LA. Up, Up, and away" There. I just made the plot, now someone scramble and write the script.

Friday 23 July 2004, by Anne :

Are these people all braindead? Do they ever read the fan sites? Most fans don’t give a ratsfig about Angel or Buffy it’s Spike they want to see!

Friday 23 July 2004, by aussie000 :

who cares if david dusn wana do it make it a spike movie dats wat i wana c...

on rove james said sometin bout 4 movies in discussion but only one with him starring

Friday 23 July 2004, by Eddie :

A Spike movie would be ok but I stil rather see angel and the team return in some way, maybe with spike still there as well. But i dont think everybody wants that, which is really sad, considering the five awesome years Angel give us. I say hurry the hell up and get these movies made.

Saturday 24 July 2004, by Anonymous :

Think about it people... how are they going to have a Spike or Illyria movie without having Angel in it?!?!? At least enough to explain what happened at the end of the finale. Are you just going to have Spike walking down the street talking to someone about what happened after the credits rolled? Thats just lame.

I guess it will have to be a flashback type of thing. Set in a pre-Buffy time period. Seeing 70s Billy Idol Spike would be pretty cool, actually.

Saturday 24 July 2004, by Anonymous :

James Marsters was on Rove a few weeks ago, and he said they are discussing four movies, each centered around a different character. One movie would be focused on Spike, and James has already agreed on it, but they are waiting for the other characters to agree.

Saturday 24 July 2004, by Anonymous :

faith will be in spikes movie. illyria will have her own, and giles and willow will get the other two. this will be the only way ’ripper’ will ever get made.

Sunday 25 July 2004, by Anonymous :

Oh, God, I really don’t wanna see Faith in a Spike movie.

Monday 9 August 2004, by Marc :

They arnt ALL dead. They DIDNT ALL die at the end. The future looked dim but not black!

Joss has a way of making characters pull thru the hardest times and THAT was the METAPHOR!

Not that you HAVE to give your life even if it means losing just to make a point.

They CAN do a mini movie continuing from the series.

I think they could do it very nicely, i hope they start the story off somewhere new and with flash backs say what happened in "the big battle", now THAT would be interesting.

Sunday 5 September 2004, by Jason :

If there was going to be now Angel in the movie i would acpet it and personly when will these movie made and the spin-off made i would like to see wesley back these time i would liketo see his charater play evil this time i mean came on you did it with chase cordy and fred i was heatbroken about that so this time joss do that to wesley please

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