Wednesday 28 July 2004, by BigRed :

What, no Lorne?

Monday 2 August 2004, by Wolverine68 :

The sets with Fred, Gunn, & Wesley look like they picked the best episodes centered around them. However the Cory’s should have had "Tommorow" on it, because this is the episode where she leaves, and shows how far she has come from the spoiled Sunnydale girl we once knew, and becomes a higher being.

I agree, there should be a Lorne set, I think they are racist against green loung lizards that sing karioke. J/K, there really isn’t enough episodes that centered around Lorne. There is only "The House Always Wins" & "Life Of The Party." I suppose they could have used a Pylea episode, but felt a Lorne set couldn’t be done.

I really wish these character sets would be released in America. The Angel set of BTVS would make a good adition to my Angel DVD collection.

Monday 27 September 2004, by Anonymous :

um... why aren’t these available yet?

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