Thursday 12 August 2004, by Anonymous :

I’m glad Joss doesn’t share the WB’s sentiment that TV movies hinge on DB’s participation. It’s stupid that the WB keeps talking about DB when he has said many times that he wants to move on to bigger things.

Friday 13 August 2004, by ang :

SMG and DB... what ungrateful fools! If, indeed, either or both opt out of any of Joss’ future projects, then they both will prove what people have been saying all along, they are spoiled "stars" who think they are MUCH bigger and better than they actually are!

They would both be NOTHING without Joss’ creativity; if you doubt that, I’ll link my e-mail, and drop me an update on their careers in say, oh, 3 years... we’ll readdress this issue at that time.

Friday 13 August 2004, by Lia :

I’m really not that worried about whether or not the WB follows through on these Buffy or Angel movies. The WB doesn’t give Joss or his shows the special treatment and respect they deserve. Personally, I’d rather see Joss do a new series or a TV movie on a different network. Hopefully it would be HBO since they would give him the freedom to do whatever the hell he wants with a story.

Friday 13 August 2004, by Chase M. :

While the shows were based around the lives of Sarah and David’s characters, it doesn’t mean we need either for a TV movie. I’d much rather find out what happened to Illyria and Spike, and, and, Lorne! Where did he end up?

Then there’s Andrew, and a hope that Kennedy died somehow, somewhere.

Thanks Sarah and David, but if you don’t want to participate, then we don’t really need you.

Go Joss, make us a [TV] movie!...

...and hurry up and get a pilot on cable.


Friday 13 August 2004, by annika :

But still if SMG en DB just put a little effort in it...just get closure for B&A...GET together....

Friday 13 August 2004, by Anonymous :

It would be interesting so see some stories about other members of the crew of both shows but.....

For me it wouldn’t be the same without either David or Sarah. For all that David has said about no doing the TV movie thing lets see if he’s even approached about this. I’ll be asking him at the Halloween con if he was approached by Joss for sure. It would be nice to know if he could have been persuaded like he said he might be if asked. I just hope they don’t decide to kill Angel and/or Buffy off to make the stories work. That would be so tragic!!

Friday 13 August 2004, by Anonymous :

Sarah said that she is open to do a Buffy a con she said could be awesome to see Buffy in the big screen!!!

Friday 13 August 2004, by Kristy :

it just wouldnt seem right not having David and Sarah on there playing those 2 characters if they have a movie. The whole reason why I watch Angel and Buffy is b/c of David so if he isn’t going to be in the movie then I won’t watch it, David and Sarah are the only ones that can play Angel and Buffy.

Saturday 14 August 2004, by ang :

i do agree... i would LOVE to see SMG and DB be part of this, if they don’t, shame on them. i would enjoy it without them though, too! there is enough with the other cast members to keep me happy — as long as they get Alyson, Nick, James, and Tony... they’re golden. and sarah may have a lot of work but i’m doubting there’s much quality work going on. her choices thus far have been confusing and disappointing at best.

also agree that i’d like to see it on another network though! screw the wb!

Saturday 14 August 2004, by Gonzalo :

I also agree that if there’s ever a TV movie, Joss should stay away from the WB, even though there’s a new management. Its about dignity. The network mistreated the actors, the crew and the fans, and even though Levin is gone, the corporation shares some responsability.

With Tony, Aly, Nick, James and Amy, plus Tom, Felicia, Juliet, Mercedes and even Andy, there’s enough actors to go around, without counting the possibility of new characters.

Saturday 14 August 2004, by J2U :

Joss! you shoot it I’ll watch it!  You’ve earned my respect!

Saturday 14 August 2004, by ang :

J2U, you said it best... I’ll watch anything Joss will give us. He is a treasure in the midst of the worst television era in history.

Monday 16 August 2004, by Danni :

Joss, I’m a writter and I have some ideas that I think you and other fans would highly enjoy. It involves a full-length Buffy and Angel movie. I also agree with most when I say to stay away from the WB. They’ve only caused the shows problems. However, the ratings and overall happyness with the shows would plumit if you cannot get the original cast to play their parts. Like the first Buffy movie. It was a total bomb. Please don’t further diminish the good name of Buffy and Angel. Big fan.

Tuesday 17 August 2004, by Bekki :

first-YIPEE and now a few ideas for the movie..... spike movie, becuase really, who could argue with a hot guy on a big screen for 2 hours. *Spike should be offered the shanshu, so like the ghosts of the monks of aberjian (sorry, i can’t spell) would say blah blah champion blah blah you get to live again, but he should not take it. say that a vampire is who he is and who he’s meant to be and he wants to keep helping poeple but can they return Drusilla’s Soul. or, he gets off a boat in france (harsh light of day reference) and is greeted by harmony shouting ’blondie bear’ it’d be a funny ending. alternate dimensions, like, where people (who aren’t champions of good) go when they die. cos then you could have all the people spike and or angel are responsible for the deaths of. OZlots of Oz. maybe some nina but not with angel. hey, i got lots of ideas. maybe i’ll add some more later.

Tuesday 17 August 2004, by Bekki :

i actually think it would be good not to have david or sarah. let someone elses character develop in the spotlight for a bit. the most interesting characters were always the ones who don’t get the main attention. i really really want more illyria. and wesley, which might be difficult with his condition at the end of angel.... ;) i have a theory of how to bring him back (if anyones interested) and lorne should be in it somewhere, even just for a little while (and only if andy’s health is OK)

with all the changes happening at the WB, it would be ok for the movie to be done thru them but it’d be really funny if it makes loads of money for a different network, another ’screw you’ for them after the ratings.

Friday 3 September 2004, by rwillowrose :

I feel we would be better off without "buffy" or "angel" as part of the movies. Lets have Willow, or Spike, and lets not forget the lovable Xander in the mix. Screw any of the ungrateful brats who r too good to reprise the roles that kick started their previously unknown status into stardom...u know SMG, DB, and even CC at that. SMG to happy playing a ditz on Scooby, and really what r DB and CC doing that is any big deal? Although if CC gets added to the cast of CHarmed, ok props to her, but um how different is that from Cordy? Oh and yeah I agree with everyone else, ditch Kennedy, she sucks as a replacement for Tara.

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