Monday 16 August 2004, by rike :

this is not THE coat, the original is shorter. this is from one of the episodes.

Tuesday 17 August 2004, by MemnochZERO :

Yeah, the actual Spike coat is very different. The normal coat is longer, and thinner. This coat actually looks thick, the collar is slightly different, and the side pockets, well, Spike’s normal coat doesn’t have ’em looking like that. If this WAS worn by James on the show, my guess it would the the Nazi officer jacket from ’Why We Fight’ minus the swastika armband.

Tuesday 17 August 2004, by Anonymous :

I’m still waiting on the illyria suit and the real coat... those would be really expensive I think

Sunday 22 August 2004, by Nobody :

Thats the outfit from the WW2 ep.Its not the "Spike" jacket but the one stole from the Nazi on the sub in 1943.

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