Tuesday 17 August 2004, by JoeyAnya :

WOW my top 3 eps seem to be in the top 10 :D OMWF, Passion & Hush! Cool.

Tuesday 17 August 2004, by Anonymous :

I haven’t really watched Buffy that much, I’m more of an Angel fan, but I watched the Body and agree it was an amazing episode, more adult in tone, so more suited to my taste. The musical was also a great achievement, though a bit too camp at times, but I wish they could have done a darker one for Angel. But then again, we got Puppet Angel!

Friday 20 August 2004, by Anonymous :

I agree with most of this chart but how the heck did Superstar get so far down. Even the opening credits were great. Fool for Love would have been a bit higher too..but Im a big Spike fan so...

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