Monday 23 August 2004, by Anonymous :

wow... that is honestly amazing.

Monday 23 August 2004, by Anonymous :

That is so stupid to spend that much money on some hair that you don’t know if it’s really his. $3,000, can we say idiots?

Monday 23 August 2004, by spikeNdru :

It comes with a CoA from James’ manager, and JM himself stated he donated it to benefit the Food Drive, so I don’t think the authenticity is in question.

The point of the donation was to raise money for Angel’s Food Drive charity which feeds the homeless in LA in honor of the character Angel’s mission to help the helpless, so I, for one, don’t think it’s "idiotic"—any more so than contributing to the March of Dimes or cancer research or any other charity of one’s choice.

Wednesday 25 August 2004, by SUZY Q :

OMG thats alot of money....But the money did go to the It was worth every cent....

Sunday 29 August 2004, by Bobbi :

Hi everyone, please don’t lose sight of the really important issue here - a very worthwhile charity. With so many people out there needing help, $3,040.00 seems like a very modest contribution and I’m sure Angel’s Food Drive can use a lot more. Keep up the good fight! Bobbi - winning bidder for James Marsters’ ’Spike’ Lock of Hair. (loves it)

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