Wednesday 25 August 2004, by XanDutch :

I keep getting upset that the Cordelia/Xander relationship isn’t taken seriously. Why isn’t it? After all, they were together for about a year (based on counting backwards from the Buffy birthday episodes), which was certainly a record for both and especially new-date-every-week Cordelia. Xander cheated on her, yes. How is his crime any less than Willow’s? It took two to kiss. Yet the Willow/Oz relationship does get credit as ’true romance’. For the sole reason that Oz is a more forgiving person than Cordelia?

Face it, Xander will forever be Cordelia’s most long-term relationship.

Friday 27 August 2004, by Liz :

Lol! I love this!

Monday 30 August 2004, by Anonymous :

That Owen guy never dated Cordy. He didn’t like her, he went out with Buffy but she broke it off with him.

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