Saturday 28 August 2004, by Bana :

Adam and Nathan! Gah! Even if I hated Firefly, Joss, and everything else, I’d still watch this movie for Adam and Nathan! (But, a full-blown Joss movie will be incredible to see..)

Sunday 29 August 2004, by SUZY Q :

Party some one mentioned PARTY.. saturday..OH damm I missed it ..its already Sunday....LOLOLOLOL(JOKING)

Sunday 29 August 2004, by mark :

i never watched firefly when it was on tv, but im going to get the boxset. They must do a cinema release of Angel though. why wouldnt they. no dis-respect to firefly but i would have thought Angel would be more well known that why not do a cinema release? START THE CAMPAIGN NOW!!!....COME ON JOSS

Sunday 5 September 2004, by Anonymous :

saying this on this board is like suicide but mark? man, once you havee seen firefly you will get why they made it a movie instead of Angel. i love buffy and Angel, but its like they were the warm-up act and firefly is the main event. when you get those DVDs you will be blown away.

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