Wednesday 1 September 2004, by ruth :

He sounds like a great guy and no offense to him personally—but I will NEVER go to see another/new Joss Whedon project. Never again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times—roll me up in a flour, cover me in enchilada sauce, bake me as a burrito, mix your metaphors, stake your claim, toss your cookies and burn my bridges with JW—no more sucker punch plot lines for me, baby. Still love this site—cause, I love these actors, still may see a Spike movie cause of you know who—but Joss and me are through, as in; baked to a crisp,lights out, left the buidling roaring ready or not here comes the end of my world with storytellers running with sharp objects. Take a lesson from Chekov, baby—you wanna wax heartbreak? Learn from the Good Doctor and do it with a healing attachment. Can’t even enjoy my old shows anynore cuz right now BTVS=those terrible eight words and say no more. And ATS=Hoooray for Autocrats, GO premptive strike regardless and the ends justify the means. THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS?! Angel gets the hero’s position in the story—HE gets to slay the dragon after murdering a holy man/brother figure? Fool me three times? HA!

Thursday 2 September 2004, by KindaCunning :

Preaching has been done... and on an INTERNATIONAL scale. Okay, I’m only talkin’ Canada and England, but the Firefly/Serenity conversion effort has crossed borders and passports were involved. Oh, and there was different currency and driving on the wrong side of the road! I can confess that I was one of two acolytes instrumental in getting the exec producers of THREE other drama shows (um, ones that are still on the air) to utter the words "Tell the folks at Mutant Enemy that we LOVE Firefly. I don’t understand. Why was the show cancelled? I can’t believe it was cancelled. It’s such a great show!" :-D I have loaned my own (alas, unautographed) set of DVDs to friends. I have hosted friends over for an umpteenth viewing of said DVDs. Yes, Capt’n, the enclaves and parishes are forming, the missions are being set up and sent off. The biggest complaint after watching the DVDs: "THAT’S IT?!? Where’s the rest? WE WANT MORE!" Hopefully, the newly devout masses will conjure some patience and not turn into an ugly mob. I mean, April 2005 is a touch far off...

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