Sunday 5 September 2004, by Angel :

Her scene with Angel was much better... *hmpf*

Sunday 5 September 2004, by Anonymous :

grr.I can never download anything *sigh

Monday 6 September 2004, by Anonymous :

Wow. I can see what that was censored. A little too hot for regular tv. Gives a person too many naughty thoughts.

Monday 6 September 2004, by Anonymous :

oh...yuck...why did they feel the need for that? Thank god it was never shown

Monday 6 September 2004, by spikeluver16 :

I wish I was sarah in that video

Monday 6 September 2004, by Anonymous :


Monday 6 September 2004, by Anonymous :

i’m speechless....

Monday 6 September 2004, by Alizabeth :

WOW... did you see james’ smirk at the end... naughty naughty

Monday 6 September 2004, by Pandora :

We-ll, that looked... intensive. I don’t mind sex-scenes but this one certainly is sort of extreme? I was already astonished about the Spike-Anya-table-magic-shop-scene so this would’ve definitely been too much (for me - prefer a good hint for the ’head-theatre’ before the graphic display, don’t you?)

Monday 6 September 2004, by Anonymous :

Spike in action! YUM! ;)=

Monday 6 September 2004, by Anonymous :

Bleh, more of the Spuffy trash? Disgusting!

Monday 6 September 2004, by Bibi :

I’m on a mac and for some reason, all i get is the sound - no visuals. Argh! Windows Media Player hangs my system when I try to install the newest version, and VLC doesn’t give me all the gory visual details.

Anyone else have this problem and figure out a way around it? If so, I’d love to know how you did it!

Monday 6 September 2004, by Adam :

I’m pretty sure it’s not a censured video from smashed ... look at Buffy’s hair ... short ... it’s certainly from dead things or another after "gone"

Monday 6 September 2004, by Blue Angel :

Wow, this Obvious why this wasn’t shown O.O

Monday 6 September 2004, by Anonymous :

I wish Buffy had been on HBO, though that might have been too hot for HBO. Damn, when JM acts in a sex scene it looks real, unlike that lame crap with Buffy and Riley or Buffy and Angel.

Tuesday 7 September 2004, by Anonymous : understand about SMG’s felt degreated..that’s very graphic...Bot cool and Hot! :D love SMg screamy face...that’s made me imagine a lot of things :D

Tuesday 7 September 2004, by Anonymous :

James Marsters, lucky man!! i’d wish up Sarah...Yummyy...

Tuesday 7 September 2004, by spuffyfan :

Wow that was so hot! These scenes are so much better then Reily/Buffy and Angel/Buffy. The last two couples can’t compare to Buffy and Spike. Those who think b/a and r/b are better than Spuffy must be on crack or are incredible stupid. I agree I can see why the scenes were censored. Buffy and Spike steam up the screen even in the censored scenes.

Wednesday 8 September 2004, by Anonymous :

Why am I not authorized to view this? Spike makes me melt....

Friday 10 September 2004, by Anonymous :

yummy....spike is a hottie!!!!!! LUCKY SARAH... :p

Saturday 11 September 2004, by Kate :

i love spike so much~~ hi~ i’m from China,in china there is few of people like buffy………… i want to make a friend with buffyfan! If you want to make a friend with me Please write a e-mail to me! ps my English is very bad…………

Saturday 11 September 2004, by thelostgirl :

Waow it’s hot! BTw,don’t be so jealous daddy;)

Sunday 12 September 2004, by Angel :

The reason why Buffy & Spike’s sex scenes seem more realistic is because they don’t contain anything but sex. There’s no romance, no love, no nothing.

Her scenes with Angel were more erotic / less hardcore, and unlike these scenes, because they were acts of love and passion, not animal instincts. Have you ever seen Buffy happier than she was in "I Will Remember You"s bed scene?

Monday 13 September 2004, by Anonymous :

OMFG!!!! HOT HOT HOTTTT!!! That was intense. I LOVED it!!! I understand why it didn’t make it to tv but they should’ve put it on the dvd (maybe add a warning to that episode). I agree that it’s not from Smashed as her hair is short. Definetly from the ep where stupid Riley visits and she dumps poor Spike.

I love Spuffy goodness :D

Monday 13 September 2004, by Anonymous :

with divx i can only listen to music and sound but no video! error GTCODEC2.DLL. what can i do?help me please!

Monday 13 September 2004, by BaBe :

so hot!!!! just imagine to have James on top...!!! totally turn me on..hehehe!! :P

Tuesday 14 September 2004, by BadGirl-Faith :

Wow... Spike is so Hottttttt, Get a load of the clip, Awesome. If there are any more censored scenes let me know... SPUFFY, Rulz E-mail me if someone wants to talk to me

Saturday 18 September 2004, by Anonymous :

does anyone have any screencaps for this? cuz i would love them!! ;)

Saturday 16 October 2004, by Anonymous :


Wednesday 15 December 2004, by Jim Dandy :

Damn... there is NOTHING finer than Sarah Michelle’s "O" face! She looks heavenly when she grits her teeth and closes her eyes.Wow,Freddy’s a lucky guy!

Thursday 23 December 2004, by Gir :

OK!Yeah..that was just..WOW!Damn, sarah is one lucky girl!And that better be on the season 7 DVD!And can I say SCREENCAPS PLEASE!


Tuesday 1 February 2005, by Anonymous :

woh hoooooo!!!!!!!! the one below him is the wrong person!!! it should be me!!!!!!!!! i hate sarah!!!! bite me ..spike!!!!

Friday 18 February 2005, by lzza :

wow this is hot stuff

Saturday 19 March 2005, by Fra :

*_*WoW it’s so Hot...I love this cupple *_* the music and scenes are very right,and you can understand Buffy’s feelings.I love season 6 *_*

Monday 21 March 2005, by BabyAngel :

wow sarah iz sooo lucky and spike .... veryyyyy fit, i think the scene iz from season 6 from the episode were warren kills cassandra and makes buffy think she did it spike iz sooo fit and him and buffy ar best 2gether

Tuesday 22 March 2005, by arf : hot *__*

Friday 25 March 2005, by evilunicorn :

Mmmmmm Lucky Sarah! ;)

Sunday 3 April 2005, by Lady Deathstrike :

I admit that I was a bit miffed when I heard about what had been deleted, but now I think it was the right thing to do. It was the ecologically correct thing to do. As it is, I’m convinced that if you want to clear snow and ice off the driveway, just toss out disks 3 or 4 from season 6 and *poof* all gone. If the deleted parts were left in, we probably would have lost the polar ice caps and that would *not* have been a good thing (I *am* the Ice Queen...and if something can cause a major glacial retreat it is a majorly serious issue)

And from the male perspective (which I generally don’t even attempt to give).... I am female...a *straight* female with all of the original factory installed equipment. I don’t have a "willie" but I *still* managed to...uh...well...I really think I understand the guys better now... ;-)

Saturday 9 April 2005, by Bebilitah :


Wednesday 13 April 2005, by Anonymous :

i can’t download it sombody now were i can get it pleas ??

Friday 15 April 2005, by lamar :

It was so hot

Sunday 17 April 2005, by punkymiss :

rrrrrrr!!! shit!! i can’t download this scene because this message always appear: "try again in 5 minutes" spike is too cuty!!! i want to watch this scene!!! :’-(

Tuesday 19 April 2005, by Anonymous :

where did the candles and everything come from? thats spikes cript, not a smashed building! omg that scene was hott!

Wednesday 27 April 2005, by dq :

could anyone help me...i can’t get this to work at all i tried to get the divx but i thought mine were fine and it didnt work either just keeps saying its invalid or corrupt...if u could help pleeease email me thanks soo much

Saturday 30 April 2005, by Anonymous :

Where do you get your dailies? I want them all! All I know is that I would love to be Sarah Michelle right about now!

Thursday 12 May 2005, by olly :

"it says invalid or corrupt" look at the size of the file you d/l - it’s not complete, it shows that download process completed, but based on file size it’s not, due to the mistake occured during the process... that’s why you can’t open it... just keep downloading till you get the whole file

Sunday 15 May 2005, by Anonymous :

Damn Sarah is so lucky! I wish i was her there spike makes me all tingly lol i just love him...but now i know why this wasnt shown on tv.

Sunday 15 May 2005, by Nichole :

Ooh that is HOT! Wish I was Sarah in this video....:( sigh.

Monday 23 May 2005, by Anonymous :

does anyone know the name of this song, or where can i find it??

Tuesday 31 May 2005, by emma :

WOW! i wish i was sarah because james is sooooooooo fit! I think that sarahs Hubby freddie prnz junior would be a bit jelous it looked more than acting from wherei was watching it! emaxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday 1 June 2005, by JT Moore :


Tuesday 21 June 2005, by Anonymous :

God that is hot! I just love Spuffy!

Wednesday 22 June 2005, by Anonymous :

Nice choreography. Simple, but real. Also, very nice acting on behalf of Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters. I notice a lot of people here saying that they’d like to be in one or the other’s place, which goes to show that they pull off a convincing performance. In reality, it was probably fairly awkward for them because they’re surrounded by an entire crew. If you watch this as a finished scene, there’s a continuity error between the second to last shot and the final one, but considering these are just the rushes, I image that wouldn’t be a problem if this actually aired. Okay...has my attempt to be a stick in the mud worked? It has? Great! Okay, now I can say my real feelings about this clip. It was ridiculously hot. I shall now go watch it repeatedly.

Monday 27 June 2005, by Anonymous :

WOW! It was great. Why did she married that idiot Fredie? Sarah and James are the perfect couple for me.

Sunday 3 July 2005, by Mell :

I don’t know what everyone is getting bent out of shape about, I’ve sen MUCH worse than this. >:)

Monday 4 July 2005, by katie deveuve :

itz not fair, i cant watch it, lol!

Sunday 10 July 2005, by sarah :

lol, who wants to be buffy in that scene!!!! meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Friday 29 July 2005, by Chili :

The link isnt working any more, is this happening to any body else??

Friday 5 August 2005, by alias :

i wish i was sarah. That was hot.

Saturday 6 August 2005, by Anonymous :

My hats off to James... How he could simulate sex with Sarah all writhing and sweaty beneath him and NOT have it become ACTUAL sex is beyond me. One look at her face contorted in orgasmic pain and the friction which HAD to happen when their pelvises incidentally met under that blanket... damn!

Saturday 6 August 2005, by sticklet :

wow, that was major hottness. I think most girls wish we were Buffy/Sara but oh well. I think Buffy and Spike were great for eachother. Keep up the deleted/censored scenes!

Saturday 6 August 2005, by Gen :

WOW! THAT WAS HOT! Spike and Buffy are so awesome. Nothing is sexier that JM’s arms, I would haved loved to be Buffy at that moment, lucky girl, I would have died happy.

Monday 8 August 2005, by Anonymous :

OMG james marsters is soooooooooooo HOTTT!!!!!! that scene was really hot and i love the song!!!!

Tuesday 9 August 2005, by jj :

cute theyve delected thus very wow.....i so have the hots for james marsters...he is soooo frickin fit...those arms.....that body, why doesnt he do porn he’ll be richer than rich

Tuesday 9 August 2005, by spikeluva :

Y is everyone sooooo all over this scene? lol I HAVE SEEN WORSE.. (or better..however u put it)

Thursday 11 August 2005, by Milly :

Personally, I think it’s well acted and stuff, but I don’t see why everyone’s all bent up about it. I’ve seen much more graphic stuff on normal tv.

Thursday 25 August 2005, by Anonymous :

damn i dont get anything but a do you want to download this file but some day!!!!:) bye the way how graffic is this ive never seen anyting bad so how pornic are we talking and what kind of comp do you need to see and hear and just for the record i love you James and sarah !!!!:)

Saturday 27 August 2005, by Spuffy Luver :

ok if your having problems with this (omfg-WOW)Download!! umm try to Right Click on the link and go down to
 SAVE AS- Click that, find where you want it saved and that should work I was having problems with it too. so thats what I did. if that does’nt work I’m not sure what to do! Sorry. Hope it works!! Ohh And I really liked buffy with angel together but please face it!! SPUFFY RULES ALL!! if you have any problems email me at>>>>>>>>>> dc17(a)

Saturday 27 August 2005, by Anonymous :

Just the sound is a turn-on and Buffy is SO cool and SO desireable. Just WOW, man. This is better than ANY NASCAR race could ever be. Buffy! You are MINE!

Thursday 8 September 2005, by Anonymous :

OMFG! I love James hes soooooo fuckin hot. I hate sarah michelle gellar. She gets (got since the shows over) to make out with him and then of course there are scenes like this. But the problem is I cant figure out how to downoad things on my computer and its not kuz im stupid when it comes tho computers i just cant do it on this one (its a mac and its sorta new) and i cant right click either ive been tryin this for days!!!!!!SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!! PLEESE!!!!!!

Sunday 23 October 2005, by GL :

I just felt like telling everyone, that this scene is actually from "Gone" but it was shown in "Dead Things" however, it was all chopped up. Remember in "Dead things" when Buffy was sleeping on her bed and having all those flashbacks of her and Spike having sex? Well, that scene was one of the flashbacks, only they showed parts of it and not all of it. Cause I remember that elebow bitting.. Some kinky stuff Joss has in mind lol.

Thursday 27 October 2005, by Katlin :

Spike was so hot in this video god i luv him!!

Saturday 12 November 2005, by Sienna :

Oh yeh babe... give me some of that spuffy lovin’. I tell ya... angel never put that expression on her face eh....

Monday 5 December 2005, by Monika :

Oh good....James where are you!? I waaaaant you ahhhhh

Monday 5 December 2005, by Monika :

ahhhhh I love this clip! it’s so hot! Why do people get upset over this? war and racism upset me - sex doesn’t!(especially not hot sex) haha

Thursday 8 December 2005, by Anonymous :

Excellent acting not over the top. I just wonder how many takes there are we did’nt see

Thursday 8 December 2005, by Anonymous :

Pretty Hot better than Harvard MAN

Thursday 8 December 2005, by Anonymous :

great stuff

Saturday 10 December 2005, by will :

they are perfect 2gether!!!!

Saturday 10 December 2005, by love spike :

Hiiiiii. ilike you buffy and spike what the video it soooooooooooooo ...................... but buffy please don’t stop off .i looooooooooooooooooooooove you spike

Tuesday 13 December 2005, by Anonymous :


Tuesday 13 December 2005, by Anonymous :

Wow they seem to really get into character in this scene

Sunday 18 December 2005, by Anonymous :

They took as far as they could go for TV

Monday 19 December 2005, by policeline---do not cross :

oh that was pretty hot but more of gross...i mean i am all for buffy/spike smoochy scenes and stuff but too much *contact* i like ’smashed’ scenes better coz it’s not as graphic and gross...

Friday 23 December 2005, by Anonymous :

Definitly the hottest scene on buffy along with smashed

Wednesday 28 December 2005, by Anonymous :

I dont know what all controversy is about they look comfortable in these scenes.

Saturday 31 December 2005, by Italiangurl88 :

hey, it was hot!! I think spike and buffy are the best couple of all the season!!! cool work it seems real..........:P

Monday 16 January 2006, by Anonymous :

Very realistic ,Its suprizing He is on top !!

Tuesday 24 January 2006, by Anonymous :

Realistic & stunning for TV. How will they top this scene??

Wednesday 8 February 2006, by Anonymous :

This scene & smashed, they fully commited no holding back pushed limits of TV

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Anonymous :

Joss pushed the limit with this scene. I guess they learned from prior botched episode WTWTA They are definitely going for it here

Thursday 23 March 2006, by albita :

Everytime we see violent scenes on Tv with disgusting blood and other stuffs around death bodies but if someone is making sex it must be censored. That’s the way in USA, right? A spanish fan"" Buffy también en ESPAÑA, por supuesto!!! By the way, this web is great, congratulations!

Sunday 26 March 2006, by albita :

Estamos acostumbrados a ver escenas violentas por todos lados y cosas mucho peores que dos personas haciendo el amor, no entiendo esa doble moral suya de censurar determinadas cosas que por otro lado son las más normales. BUFFY FOREVER!!

Monday 22 May 2006, by oliver aton :

huebiera querido mas gusto

buffy rules!

Friday 16 June 2006, by Anonymous :

You people are wack!!! How can you say that is gross?! That is FAR from gross! Thats hot steamy sexy Spuffy sex! So stop being immature and saying how "Gross" it is! If you want romantic sex go back to season 2!! Or better yet, go act like a housewife and read a romance novel!! Now we know just exactly why Buffy was always sore!! lmao

Friday 28 July 2006, by Dary :

Oh, I am so dissapointed, it is impossible to download the clip. Does anybody has it and could email it to me or link me to where I could watc?? Pretty pretty please?? :(

Sunday 30 July 2006, by spuffyluver :

Damn what I’d have given to hear what they were saying... Or you know being there as one of the cameragirlies...Or you know, be under Spike instead of SMG=)) I loveeee Spuffy they’re my first and foremost obsession and this is one hot dailie! Can anyone tell me where to find the balcony scene?

Saturday 11 November 2006, by angel :

i hate spike,,,the only one whom i love is angel...and i think that he is just perfect for shit..i think that joss had done a fatal mistake by spike and buffy`s relationship,,so i hate him for that>>

Friday 1 December 2006, by SF :

Damn! This friggin’ rocks! xD 

Tuesday 5 December 2006, by Mara :

I don’t see the problem here. It’s just a bit of hot but lovely sex. In the episode that Buffy becomes invisible they are doing just the same, so what’s the difference?? And by the way, Spike is already in love with Buffy and she is too (though she dosn’t want to admit it), so I don’t think is gross or naughty I think is passionate and beautiful. A Spanish fan...

Saturday 6 January 2007, by Lasher :


Monday 15 January 2007, by Anonymous :

Angel your right Angel & Buffy deserved each other 2 broods in a pot Spike deserved better than "maybe when this over" & I love you but I got to get out of Hellmouth right now so I can go shopping

Friday 16 February 2007, by you-do-doodle-too :

What is everyone going on about... this is no big deal. It looks like he could be at least a half foot away from her, so it is just 30 seconds of 2 actors making faces and squirming. (apart from JM having to be in a push-up looking position for hours of filming). If they weren’t under covers or it JM’s body was directly on top of hers and they had to wiggle, that would be different. Don’t get me wrong, they are good actors, but for the sort of money they get, I would chill under JM for 30 seconds, and I am a guy, and believe me, that is not my sort of thing! This scene is no big deal.

Wednesday 4 April 2007, by Maeve Aislin :

Pfffffff, I tried to download it but of course I can’t watch it. Can anyone help? I have a mac so...

Saturday 19 May 2007, by Jesssica :

Whenever I click on the link it says this page cannot be displayed and I really want to see this...any help?

Friday 25 May 2007, by spike’s lover :

spike is go god damn sexy ! fuck angel! spike is the man. He’s MY man.

Saturday 28 July 2007, by Anonymous :

Damn! Spike is so sexy! I wish I was Buffy in that vid!!

Friday 3 August 2007, by Mel :

oh my gosh that was soooooooo hot. and i can understand why it cant be shown on t.v. but glad we can watch it now. I want to see the dallies for this it must have been somewhat awkward

Saturday 1 September 2007, by Anonymous :

Looks like the photo and link have stopped working or are dead. Could I get the working link/file emailed to me at


Saturday 15 September 2007, by Ryblack :

Could anyone fix the link for this scene, or repost it, please

Thursday 8 November 2007, by Piper Halliwell :

i would like to see the video. can i download it?

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