Tuesday 7 September 2004, by Sarah :

True about that James is a good actor but Alexis was by far the shinning star of Angel series 5!!!!!!

Tuesday 7 September 2004, by Eddie :

I thought this was meant to be the golden fang awards, not the we love spike awards.

Tuesday 7 September 2004, by Anonymous :

wow I like these awards....only buffy and angel can win and I’m never dissapointed.hee hee .very very cool

Tuesday 7 September 2004, by Pandora :

Dear Heather Draven,

I thought the times where frustrated women bash on someone they dislike were to be over - you really prove me wrong. And it’s not only men that think with what’s between their legs, you’re right there, but give JM a little credit. He is most probably not the best actor in the world or even on Buffy or Angel but he’s at least a very good actor. Maybe he’s favored by many (women) because he appeals to their taste of looks, but just like you I consider myself not to be lead around by my nose and consider him to be a great actor, despite his looks being appealing to me as well. I truly believe that on both shows, Buffy as well as Angel, all the main characters and some of the side characters are quite exceptional and should be recognized. But it’s not possible to do that all in one show. And now they’ll have to prove themselves in other shows anyway so you can stop bitchin’ about it. Just pay the due respect to the taste of others.

James, you are a great actor.

Wednesday 8 September 2004, by kendra :

draven: you are so wrong. while i believe that Alexis gave a stunning performance as Wesley in season 5 and maybe even deserves the award for that year, i do strongly believe that james is an exceptional actor. if you are going to call the lead actors bad actors and other rude things, on a tv show that you obviously watch and post messages for, then you must not be a real angel or buffy fan. if you were a true slayerette you would do no such thing. i love all the characters and think they are superb actors. don’t write what you don’t know. and as for james being a grampa? he’s only 41 people geez. i would love to know a guy like him, no matter what his age. he’s a great guy.

Thursday 9 September 2004, by Anonymous :

Heather, we all know fangirls can be mighty annoying, but just because you don’t appreciate JM’s unique acting style (not trying to be snooty here - we’ve got you for that), doesn’t mean your opinions are ’fact.’ I understand a lot of his performances are done in a certain way that some may view as over-the-top, but c’mon; he’s had so many great moments on the show, you can’t just discount all his fans as hormonally-charged teenage girls. There are plenty of intelligent people (and yes, *women*) who enjoy the character and the actor for reasons you obviously don’t get (and that’s fine - once again, not trying to be snooty). I don’t know why you’d generalize it and try to demean all other members of your own sex. Oh, and sweetie, no matter how many chatboards you’ve gone on, it doesn’t mean somehow you’re somehow more knowledgable in the matter than everyone that disagrees with you. You’ve probably been going on the wrong ones, anyway.

Thursday 9 September 2004, by Anonymous :

Pseudo-Empowered chick:

whether or not you enjoy an actor’s performance isn’t based on fact. and this particular actor has legions of fans that *aren’t* giggly schoolgirls, so is that "irrefutable proof" enough for you?

p.s. a stupid, select group of girls’ opinions on an actor, nor anything any of those girls could ever say would *ever* make me sad to be a woman.

Thursday 9 September 2004, by t-man :

Haha .. James Marsters ??!! he isnt fit to lick Alexis Denisof’s boots as an actor and David B. kicked his ass with his season 4 portrayal as Angelus . Go back to your band grandad

Thursday 9 September 2004, by frnimay :

hey watch it about those giggly young things remarks...and as for marsters being a grandpa...his kid is only about 8..i think the world of james marsters, his acting and as a person..i have never read or heard of anyone who has worked with him having said one bad word about him..he may seem over the top to some because we are use to these actors that have never trained and acted on the stage..compared to his style i find their performances flat..james conveys..such emotion with his body and his words..and as for me well im 63 years old and there are alot of us out here..who adore him but that does not mean we would be so childish to slander anyone else or their performances..i will miss him and continue to follow his life and career. frnimay

Friday 10 September 2004, by Anonymous :

oy you people, what the heck is up your behinds? BE RESPECTFUL. Everyone deserves respect and disagreeing is fine. but come-on.. "James isnt fit to lick Alexis’ shoes?" come-on what is up with that? seriously come off of it, were suppose to support these actors not bash them.

Sunday 12 September 2004, by popo :


No mention of Glenn Quinn!!!! (Doyle) i’m extremely dissapointed, but all of it was soo true and spike is hott! Luv. u James!

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