Monday 13 September 2004, by SUZY Q :

All good reading...but I just long for a real season 6 of Angel on tv....It was a good show and I looked farward too see-ing it every week...damm they ended it so soon.

Monday 13 September 2004, by Mireja :

Hey. I feel kind of stupid asking this but is showtime really going to show angel 6 season, or is it just virtue? I kind of didn’t get it.

Monday 13 September 2004, by Anonymous :

Its just like make believe. But i think its a really good idea and this first ep was awsome.

Monday 13 September 2004, by Anonymous :

it’s ’fanific’.

Wednesday 15 September 2004, by redstar :

very well written, good read! also try going on the city of angel forum and read "how long can you go" episode 1 of season 6 , it’s an amazing read, well in my opinion!

damm i miss this show! stupid WB!

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