Monday 18 October 2004, by Anonymous :

Joss better stick to making movies.

Tuesday 19 October 2004, by Renzo :

Why should he stick to movies? Just because you don’t agree with his political ideas? He has every right to get involved in politics! Good for him!

Tuesday 19 October 2004, by Anonymous :

Alec, Sean, Barbara, and now Joss....I never thought I’d have to suffer this. Do your job and keep your politics to yourself.

Wednesday 20 October 2004, by doublethink84 :

So just because someone is famous, they cant speak their mind? And its not new news that joss is liberal, lesbians, non-evil witches, isnt exactly conservative stuff. It might be that i am pro-kerry, but i think everyone, no matter who they are, should be able to speak their mind

Friday 22 October 2004, by Anonymous :

This just makes me sick that Buffy should be exploited by the likes of John Kerry. I just want to hurl ! Vote for whom you will, but leave Buffy out of it ! I’ll be voting !

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