Saturday 30 October 2004, by vidimus :

Isn’t it Dhavernas like in "Caroline Dhavernas"? :) (strange déjà vu)

BTW, I’m glad Caroline found the time and probably had fun to do the commentaries.

Speaking of commentary, I’m very septic for the next movie of Richard Kelly "Southland Tales". I did love the commentaries on "Donnie Darko" dvd. There were so good! But SMG doesn’t seem to like to do commentary. I like her, the way she’s acting etc... But when she’s not playing a character, when she’s SMG, she seems to be empty. I have an uneasy feeling when I listen one of her interviews : she speaks fast, bombastically and has always prepared an anecdote that falls flat... But there’s no life in it, no genuine and real piece of life. Like I said, I appreciate SMG’s work but I just wanna know who she really is.

Be yourself sometimes !

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