Sunday 31 October 2004, by Anonymous :

CRAP! No Smile Time commentary... That’s would have been a treat I’m sure off... Oh well...

Monday 1 November 2004, by Anonymous :

That’s awesome, can’t wait.

Monday 1 November 2004, by aerialla :

it would have been nice to have James Marsters comment not only on Hellbound, Destiny and The Girl In Question especially since they are so Spike centered. Kind of sucks. Hopefully there are a lot more bloopers this time.

Wednesday 3 November 2004, by Anonymous :

YAY! so many commentaries! I LOVE em! man, did anyone listen to the AD/JW one on spin the bottle? so bloody funny! and like ALL of the main cast is doing them! and YAY! christian Kane, too! WOO! and 8 minutes of bloopers?? WOW! man, can anyone tell i CANNOT WAIT for this DVD?

Monday 8 November 2004, by Jason :

I cant wite to hear the com Between Amy Acker and Alexis DEnisof i just cant wite for that they should of been a better couple in the first place in the show and they were beter cople asl .

Sunday 28 November 2004, by fresllow :

8 minute bloopers!?!!!!! i cant wait. ive already pre ordered!

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