Wednesday 11 February 2004, by Anonymous :

is it spikes hand at the end?

Tuesday 26 October 2004, by Angel :

Well, yeah, it would be Spike’s shanshued human hand, if the script was used, but instead they decided to keep it for Angel and then in the end, turned both him and Spike into dust in the final battle (C’mon, there was even a bloody dragon and a giant beast, they simply CAN’T have survived)...

Sunday 24 July 2005, by Anonymous :

i think the hand is of the first’s and that spike and Xander are both dead.

Monday 7 November 2005, by Keith :

Wow! I think that would have been the right way to have ended the show. It’s incredible. Far, far better than what was filmed. Oh, if only Joss could go back and redo it that way......... Well, in my mind at least, I’ll consister that the ending.

Thursday 16 March 2006, by Mariela :

To me this is fanfic also. I don’t think Joss wpuld ever thought of killing Xander and make Dawn a slayer. To me it was a horrible ending if I may say. I think it could have been a two hour series finale and some old flashbacks at the end but it was great. I still cry evey time I see it!!

Monday 7 August 2006, by Anonymous :

Pretty clearly a fan-modified script; for example, note that the "always doing the stupid thing" line near the end still gets attributed to XANDER, though it got changed from "that’s my girl" to "that’s my guy".

Monday 18 September 2006, by Ross :

If you are truely a Buffy fan and have watched the special features on all the seven seasons Joss said that he would never and people would hate him if he killed on of the trio. and he did want Dawn to be a slayer, cause of some reason that i forgot but it was like there too many powerful people, and not enough humans, plus Xander would have never given the AWESOME speech. And the reason why no slayer was activated after Buffy died b/c there already was on FAITH.

Monday 19 March 2007, by buffyfan :

This is definitely a fanfic, though a pretty good one. My source, who was a script doctor for Sanddollar, tells me that the final script was Joss’ and Joss’ alone. He says that Tim Minear had offered a series of suggested edits, and they were rejected out of hand. There never was an "alternative script." There was only the script that Joss wrote, and that’s what they shot.

Sunday 28 October 2007, by Kerri :

This must have been modified by someone because at the end Xander says "Always doing the stupid thing" even though supposedly he died.

And Joss would have never killed off one of the trio.

Monday 28 January 2008, by anggiie :

I think Buffy should have died and burned with Spike. So that it would end, totally. Now they can continue the series if they want to. . But I actually like the Dawn beeing a slayer thing

Sunday 6 April 2008 :

Yeah I think this version has a lot more going for it, even though it’s probably a fanfic. It tied together more of the themes that were present in this season, like the hwle Xander seeing things and Buffy being against Dawn. Plus with Xander dying instead of Anya there’s more of a loss being felt....and Anya was my favourite character so yay. The thing with the First being coporeal was cool, I would’ve loved to have seen Buffy laying the smack down on it’s ass.

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