Saturday 20 November 2004, by Anonymous :

Unfortunately some of his more obsessive fans _do_ tend to dis others or to make truly ridiculous claims for James, and it ends up reflecting badly on him. Sometimes one needs a good, solid interview like this one to remember that James is not his fans. BTW, I like his sense of perspective on the show in this interview, six months after the cancellation.

Sunday 21 November 2004, by Anonymous :

As do all the *Buffy* and *Angel* actors. Joss really put together a great crew.

Monday 22 November 2004, by Anonymous :

James still doesn’t have any perspective.. He makes it sound like Spike was an ass in Buffy season 7 and then became a better person after moving to Angel, which is just not true.

Wednesday 24 November 2004, by Anonymous :

Well, I think that Spike was more interesting in Angel than Buffy, he just seemed to be fitting there more.

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