Sunday 21 November 2004, by fubar84 :

What an awful article, half of those aren’t even movies, and as for the crab one being at number 2...stupid

Sunday 21 November 2004, by redemption seeker :

what the hell was this person smoking? i’d say cruel intentions is number one...and season five shouldn’t even be on the list...i would put season seven...

Sunday 21 November 2004, by Eduardo :

This person is talking out of what? for god’s sake...Oz leaves in s4 *lol* and she’s like "oh, in s5 buffy, willow and oz are older and la la la"

Maybe she loves Oz so much that when she watches the other seasons she imagines him there...I love Oz, he’s the greatest, bu that’s kind of really delusional *lmao*

and Simply Irresistable is such a flop ...eventhough it has Michael vartan

Sunday 21 November 2004, by Anonymous :

um, i’m pretty sure michael vartan wasn’t in "simply irresistible"....but i think the person who wrote this should’ve included "the grudge" or "scream 2" instead of buffy season 1, 2, etc.

Monday 22 November 2004, by Thurisaz :

The very fact that I Know What You Did Last Summer is Number One is pretty much a turnoff from even looking at what follows.

As someone said, couldn’t they at least put Scream 2? That’s a whole lot better than I Know... Then again, being knocked unconscious is better than that dung heap of a movie.

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