Wednesday 24 November 2004, by AlysonRules :

God this woman gets more and more beautiful every day!! WOW! Although at first her new haircut didn’t look THAT good on her now that her hair is a little longer it fits her nicely..

And although Alexis seems very nice and all, I still can’t get used to them as a couple..

I’m glad they are quiet and love each other but still I have this feling that he is not the perfect type for Alyson,she seems more of a firecracker and he is just a plain guy..

I hope you understand what I mean..

Wednesday 24 November 2004, by WhiteRose :

I really love her hair. She looks classy, and stylish.

Wednesday 24 November 2004, by Dawnie :

OMG she is so lucky to be married to the sexiest guy on the entire planet. I would kill just to hug him. Loving, loving, loving Alexis! And I so miss Wesley! *sniff* Damn WB!

Thursday 25 November 2004, by Joe :

It is SO reassuring that one Hollywood couple has got it right (though nither of them are THAT Hollywood.) You never hear about problems with their relationship, and unless they are keeping it very hidden it seems like they have a nice healthy, loving relationship. Kudos to them both.

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