Wednesday 24 November 2004, by Anonymous :

Who was the "problem child" actress on the set?

Wednesday 24 November 2004, by Anonymous :

I think it’s either Emma Caulfield (Anya) as she left the set about 3 days early and was killed off so no one would be phoning her to ask for her to come back, OR its SMG and they just didn’t think we’d expect it to be her.

Thursday 25 November 2004, by cordys_charisma :

what the hell gives them the right to say this?? season six had great memorable monmets - Dark Willow, death of tara, buffy’s ressurection etc etc. yes Joss was looking after a lot of shows - thats because hes a very talented man! and whoever wrote this review needs their head examined. just because he/she are pathetic and spend their life writing REVIEWS of OTHER PEOPLE GENIUS. ha!

Thursday 25 November 2004, by Steve :

It was that damn Chao-Ann, wasn’t it?!

Friday 26 November 2004, by Anonymous :

definitly have to say this is a terrible review, I found Season 7 was a great way to end the series, yeah not the best season but all in all a good way to end a great series

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