Saturday 4 December 2004, by Marcy :

This con looks so cool, and is close enough to wear I live that I could go. Only thing is the prices are outrageous! And the cheaper tickets don’t include hardly any of the events, you’d have to pay extra for that. Still, I could probably save up enough money to go if only I knew some hard-core Buffy fans who’d like to go as a group.

Thursday 16 December 2004, by Anonymous :


Hey. I am interested in getting a group together to go to Slayercon. I am a hard-core Buffy fan. I just bought a ticket for it this week. :)

Maybe a bunch of us could meet up if you definitely go.


Wednesday 22 December 2004, by Valerie :

Hey fellow Buffy fans!

Is anyone going to Slayercon? I am looking to get a group together for it. I am going. I just bought a ticket. :)


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