Wednesday 15 December 2004, by Anonymous :

that was just awesome to read, thank you! I didn’t get to go and to read these make those of us who cant go a lot happier, although it would have been nice to have a transcript but no tape recorders were allowed huh? oh well this was great! thanks!

Wednesday 15 December 2004, by Angela :

Again Sue did a great job of reviewing an event. We had a fabulous time. My highlights would have been pretty much the same as Sue’s Davids Haggen Dazs, James’ acoustic set, TGIQ commentary and like Sue meeting up with friends again and making new ones. I’d also have included David’s lobster in his bed phobia that was pretty funny AND both his and Angel’s preference choices when being asked to choose between Darla, Cordy and Buffy! I had to admit, I was overwhelmed with the question asking! Especially the first one to David that Sue mentioned regarding his plans for him and Jaime enlarging their family in the future, I never in a million years thought that would be one to get picked but it did! All the guest were so friendly, you couldn’t help but enjoy yourself. The only down side was the venue, it sucked big time. The disabled toilet facilities were a chemical loo in the rear court yard and by all accounts the whole place was vampire friendly with no mirrors anywhere! Not that it’s much but you can read more at my live journal. David and James rock!!!

Wednesday 15 December 2004, by Pandora :

Finally I got to know a little more about the event! It’s a good article and I am so glad that David and James seem to get along as well as they did because there are just so many people out there saying they do not. David knows just how strong his ’Angel’ is as to not feel indimidated by James’ ’Spike’. It is usually the fans that try to make these two characters compete, which is so useless as they are both fantastic... But again there were those fans as well that wanted to see more than ’subtext’, which I totally understand but wouldn’t make me ask them to kiss. Well, now I know just how much fun I missed out again... *sigh* But it’s good so many people were happy with it!!!

Wednesday 15 December 2004, by Santhion :

Finally! I couldn’t be there so... Thanks for posting this coverage. Angela, you mentioned a review on your live journal. Can you post its adress? I’m hungry for more.

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