Friday 31 December 2004, by Anonymous :

wtf, this shirt wasnt even in the finale, possibly not even in the whole series. complete bollocks, i say ...

Friday 31 December 2004, by Me :

yeh I have one those but I got it from some random site for like a tenner..I wear it in bed. Some people are getting silly with this whole auction thing

Friday 31 December 2004, by beccakiwi :

This t shirt is remotely similar to the one worn in Sunnydale High, by the sports ’lot’.

Saturday 1 January 2005, by Someone from somewhere :

The shirt was worn twice, if I’m not mistaken. Once in the first season and then in the second season. I think the shirt was worn by Xander in "Nightmares" after the whole naked in class thing. And then by Cordelia in "What’s my line" after she takes a shower to get the "worm guy" off of her.

Saturday 22 January 2005, by Anonymous :

It was worn in the episode called "earshot" in season 3 when Oz interviews the basketball player about the possiblity of him killing the school.

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