Wednesday 5 January 2005, by AngelusHimself :

Can you tell me from which Issue this Photoshoot is?

Thursday 6 January 2005, by SUSAN :

David loves over the top socks..The crazier they are the better.Diffrent colours or strips...hes got a real Sock fetish (No not feet,just socks)PS..Ozzy Osborne shares the same fetish for crazy socks too.And why not..I guess its nice to have a bit of colour on your feet.....lololol

Monday 14 February 2005, by nightfox :

Is it just me or is David Boreanaz the cutest thing in the second picture? So adorable! His son’s so cute! Does anybody know how old his son is?

Wednesday 4 May 2005, by Benz :

Did David say where he likes to buy his over the top socks? I have a big sock fetish for those kinds of socks too, not feet, but socks! If he shared that with you, can you share it with me?

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