Friday 7 January 2005, by agentfletcher :

NO MANDY??? at least ONE barry manilow song would be good, since it is angel’s fav. artist!

Friday 7 January 2005, by Sandy, Canada :

Does anyone know when this will be released in Canada or the U.S.?

Friday 7 January 2005, by Anonymous :

No plans for a North American release. Everyone I know is just ordering through Amazon uk. No biggie. just a bit more expensive. Better than no cd, though.

Friday 7 January 2005, by Anonymous :

Great, I want to see the full art of CD!

Sunday 9 January 2005, by Spacecowgirl :

I just ordered thru Amazon.UK too. If you’ve ordered thru Amazon in the U.S. they will have all your info. It’s’ simple to order and cost approx. $20.00 US money (including shipping)

Monday 10 January 2005, by Wiccapalooza :

OMF!!! I WANT THIS!!!! I’ve been wanting to hear the Pylea music! I cry when i hear it when Fred tells Angel ’Bye!’ and runs away and Angel runs after her!!!!

Wednesday 12 January 2005, by Anonymous :

at least the la song is on there. hope theres no interruptions... they should of put the karokee songs on there -you know -angel, connor, cordy, wes, gunn, fred -when they sing -or darla, harmony.. i mean -i like they way some of them sound -but still.

Tuesday 1 February 2005, by Wolverine68 :

No USA release, what a bummer. Oh well.

I don’t see what they have against the US of A. I thought we were the fans that made the show such a success.

I’m actually suprised & glad that they released the CD at all. It was starting to look like a flop.

Monday 7 February 2005, by Anonymous :

Only one thing missing in this Soundtrack. Where is "Mandy"? The Manilow song is the most mentioned and best running joke in Buffyverse. And played at least to or three times. They should have the Angel singing version of the full Manilow one. That would be great.

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