Tuesday 18 January 2005, by Anonymous :

First one to NOT make a remark about her Golden Globes wins...;)

Tuesday 18 January 2005, by Anonymous :

Once again, another waaaaaaay-too-low-in-the-chest-area outfit on Michelle. She’d look so much better if she didn’t try so hard.

Tuesday 18 January 2005, by Captain Peroxide :

And again your wrong, I just love her way of dressing... She is so pretty she shouldn’t hide it. Wow... she looks really great.

Thursday 20 January 2005, by CaptainPeroxide :

Once again your wrong. Michelle looks great! she is so beautiful... why hide it?

Monday 24 January 2005, by Anonymous :

I just get the impression that she’s trying to be noticed all the time. Don’t get me wrong i kinda like her but she’s trying to sell herself too much!

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