Wednesday 19 January 2005, by Anonymous :

Where is the link from this post on the board ?

Thursday 20 January 2005, by Adarra :

Omi-Gosh... Omi-Gosh... Omi-Gosh!!! *is overly excited* WHOO HOO! ANGEL SOUNDTRACK IN USA! Finally! It made me mad when I thought they would only sell it in UK, because, hello, Buffy AND Angel originated in the US. Glad to hear it will be here! I was afraid I woulnd’t be able to get it! Whew!

Friday 21 January 2005, by Anonymous :

who cares if it originated in the us. big deal.

Friday 18 February 2005, by duygu :

yeah that’s very good for all America but what about the other nations which stuck on this fantastic music? I’d like to give an simple example from myself, at the end of all seasons of Angel finally, I recorded the it’s beginning music from TV-at least to make my phone ring- well not quite sound but I had to be contended with what I’ve got.. anyway, to sum up, this album should be released in Turkey too, I am sure there are many crazy for this album like me.. thank u Mr. Robert Kral for this wonderful soundtrack Duygu*

These comments are an anwser to this article : Robert Kral (angel composer) on : USA’s Angel Soundtrack Will Be !

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