Friday 21 January 2005, by Hmm... :

Of course he was kidding!!!LOL!There was NO fricking way Spike getting Shanshu-ed!!!

Friday 21 January 2005, by Czajka :

Love the idea of Spike getting Shanshu :) he deserves. Besides Angel signed a paper, which said that he won’t get Shanshu.

Friday 21 January 2005, by J2U :

Get Busy Joss!! We’ve rehashed just about all the info a loyal viewership should have to!! (just kidding) I really enjoy pouring through the great work of, but tell me, who keeps Chrisma’s playboy photos at 100%? There will be a class later for downloading Jpg’s!!!

Friday 21 January 2005, by Bellisa :

Well, it could make sense that Spike gets Shanshu-ed... Angel got cursed, Spike sorta, in some odd metaphysical way, asked for it...

Friday 21 January 2005, by yrat :

Yeah...Spike deserve it!!!!

Friday 21 January 2005, by Anonymous :

angel and buffy were not meant to be, that was the whole point! they represented that person you want to be with, but know you shouldn’t. and anyone who doesnt realize that is not only a pathetic loser who is stuck in high school, but they obviously don’t get the show at all. the buffy universe is far too intelligent and mature to ever fall for teen drama cliches like that. thats why i love it so much.

Friday 21 January 2005, by Anonymous :

the point of that was that maybe Joss is sick of people asking him what happened after the end of Angel, when the whole point is that we don’t know. we will never know and thats the beauty of it. we have all come to love all these wonderful characters and now we can decide for ourselves what happens to them. plus, it was funny. so just laugh and shut up about it.

Friday 21 January 2005, by Canadian Girl :

Joss better be joking! Spike does not deserve to become human! I mean sure he got his soul, but only because he thought that’s what Buffy wanted. And just because he has a soul does not make him a champion. Angel has been fighting the good fight, long before he ever knew about the prophecy. I can understand Gunn dying, and Illyria fighting. Angel cannot lose an arm! I like the fact that we don’t know what shows that the road to redemption is long, and perhaps will never end...

Friday 21 January 2005, by Anonymous :

Hasn’t this already been posted twice?

Saturday 22 January 2005, by Fan of B&A :

It’s all apart of the story that Angel, in order to finished what he started, had to sign the contract so that A) he could safely leave the room without having to fight a bunch of people at once B) So that W&H’s plans would be setbacked

It’s not about rewards and never has. Redemption is never-ending like Angel said to Faith. Not to mention during Angel’s first season he became human and that was what had to happened. BUT he changed it and willingly accepted his fate as a vampire with a soul. So it’s no surprise he would willingly throw away any chance of that happening.

Now I admit season 4 went too dark, but it was still good. The problem was that when you watch them again it’s boring cause you already know what’s going to happen.

In additon, for those of you who are just stupid, when someone says your still in High School they don’t mean physically they mean personality-wise. Such that you never grow up and understand how two people just can’t be together.

Saturday 22 January 2005, by Estepheia :

Angel wants shanshu but signed it away - so he won’t get it (at least not in a show where Joss Whedon is in charge, because his characters never get what they want). Spike wouldn’t want it, he likes being strong and invulnerable, he’d hate being human, so that’s probably how he’d end up. Poor sod. Anyone still pining for a love story that starts with a 250 year old man taking the virginity of a 16 y/o girl needs to buy a clue.

Saturday 22 January 2005, by beth :

Redemption isn’t about time served, it’s about intention. A free will decision to change yourself, to be inspired to become better through the grace of loving someone has power. Real power and Joss on some level, even though joking, even if it’s a freudian slip; recognizes that. Angel imposes his will and decisions on others, he dominates the free will of those around them which shows a severe lack of faith. And in contrast Spike works through grace, putting his faith in love with no guarantee of the outcome in his favor. Spike’s faith in love as a guiding force is redemption personified and faith is the key for transformation. And in Joss’s world transformation is shanshu. Of course it has to be Spike. The world’s best historic achievements come from the odd man emerging from the back of the pack and getting it done...simply because...he wants it more. Of course it’s Spike.

Saturday 22 January 2005, by Anonymous :

law school? I’m in med school "chump". I hardly think you being in law school makes you oh so knowledgable. Maybe if you were doing a doctorate in English.

Saturday 22 January 2005, by Anonymous :

IT WAS A COMPLETE JOKE!!! HE’S SAID IT WAS A JOKE! And doesnt the Xander bit kinda give it away?

Wait until summer and you’ll see in the Angel comics kind of what happened.

Saturday 22 January 2005, by Anonymous :

Give up all this Angel Vs. Spike stuff. Joss was joking, are you all blind at that? How does this become something to write big replies about who deserves it more?

Saturday 22 January 2005, by Anonymous :

I think we’re all SICK of this constant bickering. Joss made a joke. It was funny. Neither would get the freakin’ shanshu. Angel signed it off. I doubt Spike wants it. Buffy doesn’t give a crap about either one of them. There’s no point in obsessing over a competition for Buffy that both have lost. I’m a spuffy, but I can’t stand this fighting. Enough is enough. It’s over. They made that pretty clear in well as making some of us wonder if Buffy really deserves to be loved by either one of them.

Tuesday 25 January 2005, by Anonymous :

I think it meant that you were inept when it came to understanding the show. No one understood why your going to Law school made you such a great connaisseur of Buffy. It seems like you were trying to say that your going to law school made you an expert in all things...Comments like "be with Buffy forever" and "ultimately the two of them are meant for each other" certainly don’t help you. asked "I’m in law school, chump, what about you?" I’d be more likely to listen to someone who reads fiction/is exposed to it on a regular basis (such as an english major) than someone who throws around the fact that they’re in law school as a reason for them being right.

Tuesday 25 January 2005, by Anonymous :

Although we’ve digressed from the topic, I’ll just add my piece. I think it would be in true Joss form if Angel DID get Shanshu, turned human, reunited with Buffy who was no longer "cookie dough", and just as they think they can live happily ever after fighting demons, Buffy dies somehow. So Angel learns that even though he got his reward, it is not about the reward but being able to share the time you have with the ones you love. And the SMG doesn’t have to worry about anyone wanting her to EVER reprise her Buffy role ever again! That oughta make her happy....

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