Monday 31 January 2005, by chinga747 :

god, how I miss Glenn Quinn’s Doyle. damn TPB!! just looking at those pictures makes me wanna watch the season again...well the first 9 eps..

I’ve read in many articles and interviews that they were planning to kill off Doyle from the beginning to give the visions to Cordy. it happened sooner cause of the differences between Joss and Glenn’s style of work. I think they were probably planning for it to be the season finale. and it makes me sooo sad, cause by that Doyle would’ve become the most loved character and it would be unprofitable to kill him off the series...

just wanted to say, those pictures are a gem. thank you guys!!

Monday 31 January 2005, by Anonymous :

Charisma is stunning and Oh! Glenn Quinn... RIP.

Monday 31 January 2005, by Amy :

Wow! they all look gorgeous!! esp the main man!! *sigh* RIP Glenn we miss ya buddy (also looking mighty fine!)

Tuesday 1 February 2005, by Anonymous :

Why is Angel dressed like the Master...?

Tuesday 1 February 2005, by Anonymous :

God this man is sooooooo handsome...I don’t usually fall in love with TV stars but David is just the man of my dreams... *sigh*

And about Glenn:It’s very sad but since it was his choice I don’t feel sorry for him,he chose to take drugs,if he had died in a car accident for example I’d be more sorry....


Thursday 3 February 2005, by Alyssa :

There was no fueding between Joss and Glenn. Glenn knew Doyle was only going to be in 9 episodes. He was happy his character went out all hero style.

Friday 4 February 2005, by Alyssa :

They did not plan to kill Doyle on the season final. Glenn knew before he signed on that Doyle would only be around for 9 episodes. I’m he was happy, that he got to go out all hero style.

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