Monday 7 February 2005, by greg :

no, simply no

Tuesday 8 February 2005, by Vince :

The only true sequel to the Buffyverse can only be made thru TV or movies...

This comic book will never be considered ’’canon’’

Tuesday 8 February 2005, by SUSAN :

If it follows season 5 ANGEL....why not...I didnt like the ending of season 5 my self,and I dont think its coming back in the near future to TV....You all can sit and wait...But Ill buy it too see why hes looking for the gypsy clan that cursed him.....Sounds like a good beginning too me.

Tuesday 8 February 2005, by Eduardo :

Simply the comic book series is another medium...not a sequence to the tv series.

The television show ended on "Not Fade Away" and the story of the show too. Any other "continuation", to me, if not on the tv show, will be considered as a ’what if’. A different take on what would happen if the story continued

But not the official stuff.

I think it’s really cool that there’ll be a comic book, tho! It’s just that it’s like the Angel’s novels, it’s another stuff/medium.

Tuesday 8 February 2005, by daxiel23 :

I agree, the answer would be no, if it were books then maybe, but not comics.

Tuesday 8 February 2005, by Sam :

Comics are considered canon.

Wednesday 9 February 2005, by Anonymous :

what’s wrong with comics you fucking retarded fangirls

Wednesday 9 February 2005, by tori :

actually i am going to add it to my comic pull list next time i go to the shop and i havent even considered buying a buffy angel/comic since buffys origin tpb

Wednesday 9 February 2005, by Maria :

If sales of the comics go over well it’ll let the TV people know the fanbase is still there.

Wednesday 9 February 2005, by Corvus :

You know, a lot of the responses here don’t shock me. You’d think more people would be excited about any continuation of ANGEL. But, once again, I see exactly what I expected to see: bitching.

Unfortunately we have yet another case of fannish ingratitude. Once again we see people complain that something just isn’t good enough. Once again, a group of fans show that there is virtually no pleasing them, an all-too-typical "all or nothing" approach.

If comics aren’t your bag, then don’t read them. Simple as that. Don’t poo poo all over the party of those of us who will be all-too-happy to read "The Curse".

Wednesday 9 February 2005, by Corvus :

darkraven1753 said: "In the end I felt betrayed and abandoned by almost everyone involved with the show."

You realize of course they didn’t know you from Adam (or Eve in this case) and thus didn’t set out to "betray" you?

Your respose here epitomizes the problems with the expectations of rabid fans.

Wednesday 9 February 2005, by Colleen :

No I won’t. I never read comic’s and won’t for they will tell us that Angel or Buffy will be turning into a cartoon....What’s after that??? Ads for cereal or toothpaste from the Vampires with a Soul...No thanks

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