Monday 14 February 2005, by Amy :

The words no and way spring to mind! your kidding me....... shes totally wrong for Wonder Woman! why her?

Monday 14 February 2005, by phoenix_rising23 :

Is this some sort of joke?? Because I’m laughing my ass off right now...really...did they pick her off the corner street while she was "working"?? I can take a joke...

Monday 14 February 2005, by Anonymous :

is that confirmed? cuz...God i think Joss WHedon by himself looks better in Tighty panties... I prefer that SMG or CC doing it..

Monday 14 February 2005, by Anonymous :

weird.... gota say her nose is very concorde-esque. Her photos aren’t exactly professional - seems like a hoax. She doesn’t look like silver screen material.

Monday 14 February 2005, by SUSAN :

They picked her out of many girls to become Wonder women.She does look tall and attractive and thats what Wonder women is.....So Ill just wait till I see her is the new movie to make judgements.....I cant really tell by these pictures...

Monday 14 February 2005, by Anonymous :

yeah, cos her nose is much weirder than SMG’s contorted freakiness(!)

Tuesday 15 February 2005, by Anonymous :

Charisma Carpenter would be the ideal Wonder Woman. These casting directors are blind! This Satu girl is hideous and seems like she’d never have a future after this movie

Wednesday 23 February 2005, by Heather :

My first thought on seeing this was "oh hell no!" I’m a longtime fan of Wonder Woman and this will ruin it. She’s not right at all for WW, just as much as SMG isn’t right either. They don’t fit WW at all. CC would fit it more out of all the choices, but if this Satu chick really is the choice then I know the movie will suck bigtime. No offense to those that like her, but she looks like a complete skank.

Saturday 26 February 2005, by Fernando :

Charisma Carpenter is a mediocre actress. Jennifer Connelly should be Wonder Woman. She’s more beautiful, natural and talented.

Wednesday 2 March 2005, by Jon :

Personally, my top three choices for Wonder Woman would be Angie Harmon (Law & Order, Agent Cody Banks), Trisha Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), and Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls). All three have the right look and I think they have the acting talent to pull it off. A fourth choice would be Aishwarya Rai, at least for appearance; I have no idea what her acting talent’s like.

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