Saturday 26 February 2005, by Wolverine68 :

This is the problem with society. People don’t stop to look at the context, only the content.

Glad to see truth & justice won out.

Ironic though, that it took 5 (8 if yuo count from the start of Buffy) years for a complaint to be made. I mean people have been vamping & having sex on the show all this time.

Saturday 26 February 2005, by Anonymous :

"We" need to dig up some dirt on the head sickos running this so called "Parents Television Council" so they will crawl back into the slime pit they came out of. They must be stopped. Eight sick people, (that’s how many complained and wanted NBC and the country of Greece fined for airing the "pornographic" Olympic games opening ceremonys) shouldn’t be allowed to dictate and edit the media for millions of others. The PTC has the only dirty minds!

Sunday 27 February 2005, by Anonymous :

to be honest, makes me wana know which episodes they are taling about! So i can wathc them...

Sunday 27 February 2005, by Nikkole :

This is the same council of parents that said we should ban "The Little Mermaid" and "Pocahontis" from tv and movie channels because they are encouraging our young girls to become sluts. COME ON! I just don’t think I would let my 6 year old go out on a date where seashells for a bra and a tailfin! LOL! They need to get REAL jobs and lives of thier own. OR, make sure that THEY are being parents to thier own children, and stop worrying about everyone elses’.

These comments are an anwser to this article : FCC Rejects ’Angel’ Indecency Complaint

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