Tuesday 1 March 2005, by Anonymous :

A woman gets bit on the neck by a vampire, but they’re more concerned about heavy breathing. These people are nuts!

Tuesday 1 March 2005, by Anonymous :


Tuesday 1 March 2005, by Anonymous :

Not wanting to belittle this group or anything but I rather liked Angel’s ’intimate’ moments. And he didn’t have nearly enough of them! lol. Seriously, what is it with Americans and sex..... Its not like you EVER see anything is it! To be critical, the violence on Angel is far more graphic than the sex ever was but no, that’s okay. Also it doesn’t do their campaign any good to ’pick’ on a show like this and fail.

This just show’s the difference between countries. Here in the UK they run Angel at 9am in the morning right after the kids programmes finish and they hardly cut a thing and when they do its violence, as in the blood spatter up the wall when Angel kills the bad ops guy with the shot gun near the end of "Conviction". And for some reason in the same episode they took offense to Angel’s "I have no problem spanking men" line, lol. Go figure!

Tuesday 1 March 2005, by Anonymous :

I don’t think all Americans are this uptight. Granted, sexuality is bit more supressed here, but these people are loony! lol. The PTC is McCarthyism at it’s worst.

Tuesday 1 March 2005, by Anonymous :

what the hell the idiots seriously what the hell is wrong with some ppl come on maybe if the show wasn’t a 15 anyway... maybe it would be valid but how many 15 year olds don’t know about sex etc. (I did) anyway and a female vampire biting anouther female of I really see how that’s explict (note the sacasim) if the world does’nt have enough problems with sexual discrimination and racism etc. since they get pissed of at such a small thing I think they should be the ones taking to court on those charges I mean teenagers have enough problems from other kids without other parents encourageing it etc. sorry to rant I just think this represents a wider issue thats all

Its bad enough they canceled angel in the first place now there trying to censor it whats the world coming to

Tuesday 1 March 2005, by Anonymous :

I love that they complained about biting - on a show about VAMPIRES!!!!! lol

Tuesday 1 March 2005, by Anonymous :

The "moving his hips back and forth" part cracks me up. It’s as though we’ve blasted back to the ’50s and Elvis can only be shown from the waist up due to his gyrating. Sheesh, we Americans are far too conservative.

Tuesday 1 March 2005, by Anonymous :

To answer the "wasn’t it Spike" bit, I think this is actually referring to the scene where Angelus was doing Dru in a flashback. As I understand it, the FCC complaint was about both of the ’sex scenes’ in that episode.

Tuesday 1 March 2005, by elitetech2004 :

I’m wondering why they sat through the show if it offended them so deeply..methinks the council protests too much...

Wednesday 2 March 2005, by AKL :

I was actually laughing as I was reading the article. I’m sorry, but that is absolutly one of the stupidest things I have ever heard of! That’s called a bunch of women WAY over protective and just looking for complaints. That’s as bad as those parents suing Walmart because they bought their daughter the Evanescence CD Anywhere But Home and it said the F word in, like, once. It’s called pathetic and people who have WAY to much time on their hands and need to get a job. Most kids know what sex is by the age of third grade in today’s society anyway. Sorry to the women who on this little convention thing, but I roll my eyes at you and try to hold back laughs.

Wednesday 2 March 2005, by Phizzy :

These people are retarded.

Wednesday 2 March 2005, by Wolverine68 :

Both Spike & Angel were having sex in Destiny. Spike with Harmoney in the present, and Angel with Drucilla in a flashback.

In both scenes, you could clearly see them humping. In fact the one with Spike & Harmoney it was more obvious what they were doing.

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