Friday 25 March 2005, by derek :

I could be wrong, but I believe Gail Berman had nothing to do with cancelling anything on the WB (Angel, for instance). One, she was a producer and not in charge of time slots or anything like that. Two, she did that for FOX not for the WB.

I think having her on Paramount could be a good thing.

Friday 25 March 2005, by Eduardo :

excuse me aerialla, but Gail Berman has nothing to do with thewb shows as you mentioned. Only Buffy and Angel, and she hasn’t done anything to harm them, on contrary! She has been a loyal support of the two shows which she helped develop.

One thing you can complain about her is her programming over at FOX, which in fact kind of destroyed some shows, like Firefly, Tru Calling, Wonderfalls, or whatever shows her team would put on friday and thursday. Her FOX is brilliant in having guts to put fresh innovative shows on the air, but lame on having balls to sustain it on the air.

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