Contains the famous censored sex scene in full length (no sound at the end) '>

Friday 1 April 2005, by Anonymous :

Whoa. *grabs hand lotion*

Friday 1 April 2005, by Anonymous :

Did the sound cut out for everyone else at about 7 and a half minutes?

Friday 1 April 2005, by Anonymous :

This must’ve been so difficult... I mean kissing JM, wow, I don’t know if I could’ve handled it! (lol) Grr... =P

Friday 1 April 2005, by Ari0156 :

That just looks...awkward.

Friday 1 April 2005, by Anonymous :

that was hot. damn hot.

Friday 1 April 2005, by Anonymous :

Yeah the sound stops at one point while they’re doing the "cow girl buffy" scene.

Friday 1 April 2005, by biggestbuffyfan :

Yeah, this is so great. I love dailies

Friday 1 April 2005, by joana :

cool!!!!! thanks for the second part... was looking forward to watch it :) i think james and sarah are great on it, between the scenes they´re talking... thanks again :)

Friday 1 April 2005, by spence :

hy if i try to download it there’s standing a error i have a divx player does anyone else have this too

Friday 1 April 2005, by Sarah :

wow, cold shower needed now! i am SO jealous of SMG right now. They had to do so many takes so that they could get each camera shot, i didn’t realise it was that many! That was HOT!, and i am bummed that there wasn’t any sound for the last part either! It would have been great to hear what they laughed about. Where can you get all of these Dailies? This was definately worth the wait to download it. JM is so hot in it.

Friday 1 April 2005, by Anonymous : I love the dailies and I´m so much waiting for more!

Friday 1 April 2005, by Shel :

omg that was awesome!! thanks so much!! where do u find these dailies?? and yea, i really want to know what they were talking about in the end. lol JM is so hot. mmmm

Saturday 2 April 2005, by Ally :

Hot!! SMG got to kiss JM so many times, in many different ways. Sigh. Luky her. Argh.

Saturday 2 April 2005, by Miriam :

oh my god oh my god. that was so hot.

Saturday 2 April 2005, by steph :

Wow ... Hot...Smg is a lucky one sad that there was no sound at the end

Saturday 2 April 2005, by Anonymous :

i loved it. thanks. :-))))

Saturday 2 April 2005, by Anonymous :

How offensive.

But hey! Who cares about story, plot or characters? JM & SMG! HOT HOT HOT HOT!

Saturday 2 April 2005, by Anonymous :

Of course there was no sound at the end. They were shooting it in slow motion. Anyways, I think both actors did an excellent job. Thanks for the clips, Now we just need to see the Dead Things dailies! >:) Oh...and did anyone else catch the part where someone yells, "Make the face?" Then after the take is over SMG says, "That was horrible!" Heh heh heh.... :)

Saturday 2 April 2005, by Anonymous :

Just watching these Dailies makes me wish i was in SMG’s place. mmmmmmmmm James . God i wish it was me. Lucky Sarah . It may be hard (no pun intended) to act a scene like that in front of the crew , but i’d give it a go!!! :P

Sunday 3 April 2005, by ruthie :

That was amazing chemistry and full blown artistic commitment—they were so cranked up on adrenalin; they were dropping lines. That happens when your body is racing so fast your mind lags behind—now we know why we love this scene. They did a kick the world off it’s axis job. Too bad they couldn’t keep the more specific scene at the end but after seeing it—(mainly from the look on JM’s face; I can see why it got censored. I too wonder what FPJ thinks of this. yahooo buffynuuu

Monday 4 April 2005, by schmeddie :

where exactly do you guys get these dailies from? is there a website?

Monday 4 April 2005, by Anonymous :

PLEASE please please post the dailies of Eliza and Sarah messing around on set, when Sarah jumps into her arms? :)

Monday 4 April 2005, by lindsay :


I’m first in the queue to be in SMG’s place!

Tuesday 5 April 2005, by Darkstar :

AHHHHHHH!!!!! How the heck do you get anything except the sound and that really annoying tie-die stuff that comes on instead of a real picture?!?! Please *Please* anybody? Help?

Thursday 7 April 2005, by Anonymous :


Saturday 9 April 2005, by Anonymous :

omg that’s too hot, love ’em

Monday 11 April 2005, by jg :

Not sure where these dailies are coming from or where they’ve been hiding, but whoever has them... get more!!!! I’d love to see them shooting Once More w/Feeling. I bet that took forever!!

Monday 25 April 2005, by cheryce :

damn..fuck...i can’t download it cause they’re not available..caus of too much downloading..and i’m triend the whole day..???i have the first part..but second and third not..pls tell me how i can load them now..or stop tha people loading..*ggg* damn i wanna see this hot scene man!..pls also get the Dead Things-dailies i wanted to buy them at ebay..but they were toooo expensve after all!!! or can somebody..send it to me???maybe?...msn???

Tuesday 26 April 2005, by Anonymous :

They didn’t say "Make the face" they said "Face to face". Right after that, she leaned down toward him. But I do want to know what "That was horrible" meant. =)

Thursday 5 May 2005, by Anonymous :

OMG! That was horrible. LOL. Don’t get me wrong I love some Spuffy! That was just way too much[with all the dry humping]. No way I could be a actor.

Thursday 5 May 2005, by Alice, London :

Is it just me who found that really embarrassing? *shudder*

Tuesday 10 May 2005, by olly :

I NEED HELP - I d/l it but every time I try to open it it says that file is damaged... What should I do? Please, someone help...

Thursday 12 May 2005, by olly :

Finally I d/l it... it took me so long but it worth it... loved it very much, THANK YOU I think she meant the take was done bad whe she said "that was horrible"... I would love to be in SMG’s place, it seems to be a hell of a tough job, though...

Wednesday 1 June 2005, by Anonymous :

I like the episode but man oh might i like them better fighting until the end so HOT AND $EXY!!!!

Monday 6 June 2005, by Anonymous :

Hi, every time I try to download it by clicking on the link, it takes me to [what I am assuming is] the home page!! Then when I click on the link there, it takes me back to this page! I’m going round in circles here! I really REALLY wanna download it to see what all the fuss is about! Anybody any suggestions?

Sunday 10 July 2005, by Sandra :

Can someone please help me download the dailies? I have been trying and trying and I just keep getting this error message that says file is not a valid archive! Can anyone help? I have d/l it, and then try to open and I get teh message, help please!! Thanks!!

Monday 18 July 2005, by Anonymous :

For those, who can’t download: as for me, I just click on the picture and choose "save target as..." option. Hope everyone’ll enjoy this video. It’s... whoah... it’s worthy =)

Sunday 24 July 2005, by Anonymous :

Just wanted to say a big BIG thanku to whoevr posted the answer to the downloading problems on 18th of July!! U ROCK!!

Tuesday 26 July 2005, by Anonymous :

ok really stuck.. none of the smashed dailies are downloading for me, ive tried save target as.. link clicks, anyone got any sugestions????????

Monday 22 August 2005, by baicancook :

Hey —>April 4th, 2005 , by Anonymous "PLEASE please please post the dailies of Eliza and Sarah messing around on set, when Sarah jumps into her arms? :)"

What is this about? Are there really these dailies? Where did you see’em? How did you know they existed? Answer! Please I wanna know!

Saturday 10 September 2005, by Anonymous :

Every time i try to download this, or the dailies from part 3, i get a message saying the file is invalid or corrupted...i was able to download part 1 but now it stopped working...i believe other people were having this problem, anyone know a way to solve it? please answer i really want to see them!!!

Friday 30 June 2006, by emily :

I downloaded Smashed part 2, but I can only hear the sound! I can’t see the video! How do I fix that?

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