Saturday 2 April 2005, by raven :

if you want a really good buffy continuation go to one of the best ones out there by far

Sunday 3 April 2005, by Joe :

the legends never die site is the weakest idea to get out of the season 5 finale situation but it’s great they made that effort to make a site and all.. i was too lazy to do that

Sunday 3 April 2005, by Anonymous :

i was on thr legends never die website yesterday and i loved it. the first 2 episodes had me hooked. so hooked infact, that i made a Season 6 opening titles sequence. Now i can’t get back onto the website, it keeps coming up with an error saying the page cannot be found. Anyone else having this problem? i really loved the first 2 episodes (thats all i managed to read yesterday) and i’m desperate to read more!

Monday 4 April 2005, by Mo :

Legends Never Die ’had’ a great beginning to season 6, but the last installment was eons ago. Apparently they’re having trouble keeping writers and that’s too bad. Angel No Limits and Angel the virtual series are also very good and are updated regularly.

Tuesday 5 April 2005, by alias :

Hmmmm...they really should leave the writting of the shows, to Joss, and David (Greenwalt).

Saturday 11 March 2006, by boo :

legends never die was good. I don’t care what you losers say about it . It was sad that it closed tho :’(

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