Wednesday 13 April 2005, by Anonymous :

Didn’t Spike only have his hands cut off in that episode? Not the arms?

Wednesday 13 April 2005, by Eduardo :

LoL *waits to see girls saying "oh, I need to get those hands over me"*

Thursday 14 April 2005, by Nikkole :

I don’t remember him having long nasty looking finger nails, ever. Did he?

Friday 15 April 2005, by Anonymous :

I thought Spike had black nail polish on his nails....

Friday 15 April 2005, by Cherry Blossom :

Uh... I really don’t need that collectible THAT badly. James, Honey: MANICURE!

Saturday 16 April 2005, by Anonymous :

his nails were never that bad! James’ hands are beautiful! Although that is a collectible i am gonna have to pass on! Rather gross really! now if it were James’ real hands, attched to his oh so handsome body, them i might re consider!

Sunday 24 April 2005, by SUSAN :

YUCK ..If these were real arms Id say they were decomposing..I dont think Spike wants them back now ,Give them to Wolfram and hart maybe theres a guy with no arms there and whos not fussy,lolol Joking of course)

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