Tuesday 19 April 2005, by Anonymous :

Please say this is a joke. Seriously.

Tuesday 19 April 2005, by buffyluvr7 :

O NO DEY DID’N, they better show the last episode of tru calling, noone disses my show for some nonsence reality show, (no afence to the people who watch paris and nicole.)

Tuesday 19 April 2005, by Anonymous :

That . . . just . . . sucks . . .

Tuesday 19 April 2005, by Mike Eggleston :

Should we expect anything less from Fox? They have been going downhill for a long time. They never made a meaningful commitment to "Tru", postponing its premiere in late 2003 well past the Fall season when most new programs are viewed and gain a following. They never seriously promoted the show and in fact did all they could to kill it. When the show started to show some good audience share (like Buffy did in its first year), they ordered 6 more shows with no commitment to ever air them. "Tru" was dumped for the same reason the WB dumped "Angel" — it was cheaper to make crummy "reality" shows than quality, thought-provoking drama.

Television drama - R.I.P.

Wednesday 20 April 2005, by charmedslayer :

omg omg are they serious??? how could they do this! i watch the simple life but screw the simple life if they took of tru calling the one show with a buffyverse star in it thats still going on! fox is really dumb for doing this! this show is awesome and its getting really good!! look at the hell we have to go through! first they cancilled angel on its season 5 with a HUGE FANBASE. and now they get rid of tru calling?? they dont know what they are doing!!!

Wednesday 20 April 2005, by Thurisaz :

You have got to be fucking kidding me! First they pick the show up and show a sign of competence by renewing it. Then they cut the second season episode run short, only because they canned it, and just when they do us the service they owe us by airing the last episodes, they cut the last one away for a pointless show starring a talentless cow whose only qualification for fame is having a penis inside her. That’s it! I am tired of being jerked off by these people!

FOX: The home of inanity.

Wednesday 20 April 2005, by Anonymous :

Forget Fox... just download the torrent from when it aired in New Zealand a few weeks ago.

Though I want to know if they’re going to screen the remaining 4 or 5 episodes of Point Pleasant that were filmed but not aired before they brought Tru-Calling back.

Thursday 21 April 2005, by Anonymous :

It really does seem like Fox are crap and only air crap shows now, come on The Simple Life what were they thinking, well everything else they show is crap so why let something good be on their channel.

Saturday 23 April 2005, by Anonymous :

o this is fucking ridiculous. All tv stations are going to hell because of damn reality tv and they cancel all of the great shows. i am so depressed. cancelling angel was horrible and now tru calling too? i mean i knew it wouldnt have a full season but we shouldve at least gotten to see all the episodes theyd made. I HATE ALL TV STATIONS! I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL BUT MOSTLY FOX AND WB!!!!!!!!!!

Monday 25 April 2005, by Anonymous :

well that just sucks. I new something was wrong when they didnt show previews for the next show. Fox obviously hates good quality television. Oh well, at least the 5th ep made for a good ending place.

Friday 29 April 2005, by Anonymous :

HAHA The Pres kicked Paris and whats her name off, he’s having a conference.

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