Monday 23 May 2005, by Anonymous :

I don’t like the hair. Sorry, I just don’t. I know it’s her natural but she looks just plain with it. The blonde really worked well & the dark now just doesn’t look as good.

Tuesday 24 May 2005, by Anonymous :

i think she looks so hot with the brown hair. She looks awesome, but she looks really tired. still, hottest girl in the world.

Tuesday 24 May 2005, by Anonymous :

Wow, Sarah looks tired - eyebags and reddish eyes and such. Also, she looks kind of like Ashlee Simpson.

Tuesday 24 May 2005, by SUSAN :

Looks like they were trying to avoid the paparazzi by ducking out the back door.(fatal mistake).so they were not caught with the greatest facial expressions(Hate that)..But any way I dont mind Sarahs hair and she in no way resembles Eliza Dushku...Its just the dark hair colour that throws people off..after having blonde hair for so long it takes getting used too..I too didnt like it at first but now I reckon its really nice.Im just happy to have some new photos of Freddy and Sarah together..Fabulous.

Thursday 26 May 2005, by Sarah’s Girl :

Nice pics. In the second one Sarah kind of has an expression on her face that’s saying. "Quick Freddie, smile for them once and they’ll go away" lol. Sarah looks gorgeous as always although i must agree with whoever said she looks tired. I have heard so many people on so many different sites recently say Sarah looks like Eliza Dushku but I’m just not seeing. I just think Sarah looks like Sarah

Wednesday 1 June 2005, by Anonymous :

Eliza is ugly. They don’t look alike. Not every dark haired girl with a tan looks alike. I don’t think Charisma and Eliza look alike, and I don’t think that Sarah and Eliza look alike. Eliza looked pretty until she went under the knife. Now her face is deformed, she’s fat, and has a bad boob job. They are lopsided.

Saturday 4 June 2005, by Anonymous :

She soooooooo doesn’t look like Eliza. Eliza is ugly.

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