Friday 27 May 2005, by Cara :

did you notice? in the second picture you can see a photo of sarah in the background. the one where she’s only wearing a red heart...

Friday 27 May 2005, by April :

What’s w/ her HUGE sunglasses though??

I feel kinda bad for both of them. They can’t get a moments peace. THey’re just in an airport & ppl are taking a bunch of candid photo’s of them. I could understand more if they were @ a premire of some sort, but these look to be taken COMPLETELY candid. Best of luck to them both! Hoep they survive the "Hollywood Curse"!!!

Friday 27 May 2005, by Jesse :

I don’t balme either of them for sporting an annoyed look. Imagine paparazzi following your every step... ugh, poor Sarah and Freddie!

Friday 27 May 2005, by maluut :

Have you noticed in all the recent paparazzi pictures, freddie is wearing the same pants.....?

someone forget to do laundry?

Saturday 28 May 2005, by Anonymous :

a lot of celebrities wear the same clothes when out in public so that it appears that there are no "new" pictures of jennifer aniston usually wears the same orange cargo pants in most of her candid caught-in-public pictures

Saturday 28 May 2005, by Jesse :

^^^^^^ and he’s wearing the same shoes :o) ROCK ON!

Saturday 28 May 2005, by Anonymous :

You know, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe she is pregnant. Not because of the hair or the clothes she’s wearing, but because of the way Freddie’s appeared in all these pics with her in the last few days. Have you noticed how close he seems to be sticking to her and how he has his arm around her constantly in all the candid pics that have come out in the last couple of weeks? Even at the Upfront event he seemed to be sticking very close to her and is appearing extremely protective. There could be other reasons of course, but congrats to them both if she is.

Sunday 29 May 2005, by Anonymous :

Those hats are so fugly. Die!Die!Die! already.

And first James? Now Sarah? Unless you possess the reincarnated soul of Kurt Cobain or Layne Staley, just say no to the ripped jeans. Honestly! The hell?

Sunday 29 May 2005, by Moony :

what a load of crap... feel sorry for them? hello! there actors, they chose this.

But that’s my opinion.

Monday 30 May 2005, by Anonymous :

Yup and opinions are like assholes everyone has

Monday 30 May 2005, by Anonymous :

No matter where sarah is she always knows how to dress. That girl is a natural beauty.

Friday 3 June 2005, by Aurora :

In the second picture, where you can see the magazine photo of Sarah covered by the big red heart, I think that man is trying to get Sarah to autograph it. He has a pen in his hand as well as the magazine. It’s probably another reason Freddie looks annoyed; they’re being hounded by the paparazzi as well as autograph chasers.

Friday 3 June 2005, by angel :

arnt u guys wondering were they where... sarah has a bottle of Water with FIJI spelled on it... so i guess she musst have been in fiji..... AND I am in fiji right now.... great... but i guess even if i had seen them i wouldnet have botherd them.. they get botherd enouph

Friday 3 June 2005, by Anonymous :

Uh, please tell me you are kidding. They sell Fiji water everywhere. Also, if you’ve looked at any other pictures or read any news, you’d know they were coming back from the ABC upfronts in NYC. Geesh.

Saturday 4 June 2005, by Anonymous :

poor guys. the paparazi should just give them some peace and stop hounding them for photos.

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