Sunday 29 May 2005, by Anonymous :

It’s so hard for me to lend out my Firefly DVDs, but I’ve managed to hook 3 new fans! (They now have their own sets of DVDs). I hope all the other Firefly/Whedon fans are doing the same. Hopefully, word of mouth & good reviews will help make Serenity successful. So far, almost all screener reviews have been excellent— even from those who have never seen Firefly.

Wednesday 10 August 2005, by Fireflyfan :

Way to go! I’ve recruited 5 new fans myself. I lent 4 of them the first DVD and then they always buy the rest. The 5th newbie fan was a Buffy fan I met online whom I converted to Firefly as well. The hard part is getting them to watch—once they do, the show does the rest!

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