Tuesday 31 May 2005, by Mikey :

FAAAAAKE. Oh so fake.

Wednesday 1 June 2005, by Anonymous :

I agree, but who in their right mind wants to look like they are walking around in a bloody shirt? Esp. if it looked like Tara’s blood? Come off it...

Wednesday 1 June 2005, by Anonymous :

$710.00 ha ha they are funny!

Wednesday 1 June 2005, by SUSAN :

No offence but I wouldnt buy this.I know its just a show and Tara was a character...But this would creep me out....But to some one else I guess it would be koolest.

Wednesday 1 June 2005, by J2U :

Fake or not it brought $710

Wednesday 1 June 2005, by Anonymous :

It could possibly not be fake, just not the one they used in the actual episode. They did several takes to get the look of the blood on the shirt "right," so this could be an outtake shirt.

Thursday 2 June 2005, by Madison :

Okay. This shirt is NOT a fake. My friend got it in the original Buffy auction for a much larger price than what was payed here.

Thursday 16 June 2005, by G :

That is ONE of the REAL shirts used. While filming the episode Seeing Red, they had to take about several different shots, only because the blood kept soaking through the shirt and it wouldn’t stain right. So just because it doesnt match that chick’s picture, doesn’t mean that its fake. But one question though...if you spent over 1,000 bucks buying this shirt from a Buffy auction, why would you hang it on a wire hanger? Like Mommy Dearest says.."No wire hangers!!!"

Wednesday 8 May 2013, by Nerdlyweds :

I know this is a TOTALLY old thread, but according to this screenshot... it seems legit! http://smg.photobucket.com/user/nullasalus/media/buffy/buffy-3.jpg.html && being big prop collectors ourselves, definitely worth 700$. ...and definitely not to wear! ...because yes, that’d be creepy, but also, a hardcore fan/collector would kick themselves if they destroyed cult classic history. I’m really surprised it only sold for 700$ with the cost of Buffy props, especially with that being such a big deal episode/scene. Good deal for whatever lucky fan got it at that price!

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