Sunday 5 June 2005, by KT :

major disappointment with this puppet I canceled my order when I saw this was as good as it was going to get..very bad job!! it does not look a thing like the puppet on Angel

Sunday 5 June 2005, by omo :

hahaha! the pants! take off the pants! :P

Sunday 5 June 2005, by Anonymous :


Monday 6 June 2005, by greg :

i agree with KT this puppet completely SUCKS on every possible level. huge disappointment, the face is completely wrong! doesn’t it say it’s an exact replica? doesn’t that mean it has to be in some region of similar to original if not, well you know, exact?!

Thursday 9 June 2005, by Justina :

Is it just me or does it have red eyebrows?

Friday 10 June 2005, by Effulgent Fredikins :

Oh Baby! LMAO..... who thought to strip the puppet... so funny. I agree with y’all it looks nothing like the Angel puppet... so glad I didn’t spend the $50 on it.

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