Tuesday 7 June 2005, by Anonymous :

What, did they not have access to the S5 episodes or something? How can you possibly leave "Lineage" out of a Best of Wesley set? Or "A Hole in the World" out of Fred’s? (For that matter, "The Magic Bullet" is a much better ep showcasing Fred than "Shiny Happy People", which was the worst Angel ep ever.) Where’s "You’re Welcome" in Cordy’s? I really wonder about the people responsible for putting these things together, and just how much they know about the two shows...

Tuesday 7 June 2005, by Anonymous :

It’s probably because Fox are still selling Season 5 at full price on DVD, therefore don’t want to be putting the best episodes onto cheap single DVDs.

In case it wasn’t evident before - these ’best of’ DVDs are just cash-ins by Fox.

Tuesday 7 June 2005, by Kiwigal :

Totally agree - where’s Angel’s DVD??!! However, it says in the blurb that Joss chose these epis...hmmm. I suspect there’ll be another set out, just like there has been with Buffy, but after the furore surrounding the S5 DVD release has died down a bit.

Wednesday 8 June 2005, by Matt :

These all originally came out before season 5 had finished airing in the USA. They couldn’t put them on DVD yet, and wanted to cash in on the series before it ended.

Wednesday 8 June 2005, by Anonymous :

Those DVDs have been out in Australia for over a year, hence the no season five episodes. Unlucky americans!

Wednesday 8 June 2005, by Dean :

Like the above comments say, the DVD’s were out IN AMERICA (these are for UK!!) ages ago, before S5 DVD, hence why there are no S5 eps. Also, why would they have a DVD for Angel, when the entire show is based on him?!? They didn’t have one for Buffy in the Slayer collection.

Wednesday 8 June 2005, by XanDutch :

I’m confused. These DVDs have been out in the store for several months? (And yes, I am talking about the Region 2 ones.) Where did this announcement come from?

These comments are an anwser to this article : Fox officially announce Angel ’best of’ DVDs (Region 2)

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