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From Angelsfooddrive.com


1,000 Balloons to Fox - April 14th 2004

Monday 12 April 2004, by Webmaster

1,000 Balloons to Fox!

April 14th, the day Angel returns to The WB, will sadly be the last day of shooting for the series. 1,000 balloons will be delivered to FOX studios as an effort to save the show.

The red and black balloons will each have the following imprinted in white lettering:

$13,700 DONATED

The amount fans have donated to the Food Drive is phenomenal and sends a strong message to the FOX executives. ANGEL fans are devoted to saving their show and have no intention of giving up the fight.

The cost for this campaign is $936.36. This pays to have the balloons imprinted, filled with helium and delivered. Donations to help defray the cost of the balloons are being accepted at www.angelsfooddrive.com. Please click the Paypal button on the homepage to contribute.

Special thanks to AngelsSlayer3480 at The WB Angel board for starting this idea and to vic1711us for all the hard work bringing it to fruition.

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  • > 1,000 Balloons to Fox - April 14th 2004

    12 April 2004 16:41, by Joey-Anya
    Here’s a good idea-get a million flyers-and go fly a plane all over L.A.-over the networks offices or whatever-and drop all the flyers out. Flyers that say SAVE ANGEL! MAYBE that’ll get more attention. Or contact Ryan Seacrest. I have already. I’m doing my best to help. Just hope its enough.