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5x01-02 Spoilers - Watch With Kristin - Sep 21, 2003

Tuesday 23 September 2003, by Webmaster

This week, a new lovely lady joins ER as Carter returns to "The Congo," while Anna returns to The O.C. Meanwhile, Alias’ Spy Mommy returns, Gilmore Girls has a sleepover, and Angel’s Fred embraces her inner bitch.

From erankin: Got anything fresh on Angel? I just watched the trailer for the first episode, and I need more!

I watched the first two episodes, and they are amazing. Honestly. Spike comes back at the end of the first episode, sees Angel and asks, "Is this hell?" To which Lorne responds, "No, Los Angeles, but a lot of people make that mistake." To live here is to love that. And some very funny moments with Harmony and Angel...and Harmony and Spike. The dynamic of this new ensemble is pretty great. Angel’s second ep picks up nineteen days after the Buffy finale, so Spike has been missing in action for exactly that long before he reappears in the middle of Angel’s posh new office at Wolfram & Hart.

From cooliofool: Sorry, I just got here. Do you have any Angel gossip? I need my Angel gossip, please.

Lots of flirtation with Fred’s new handler (in the lab), and we see a whole new side of her this season: bitchy. But in a strong, commanding, you-go-girl kind of way.