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A Day on Serenity Set (Universal Studios) - Fan Report & Photos

By Wiley

Wednesday 14 July 2004, by Webmaster

Here’s my short recap of our day at Universal...

Okay. So. Having trouble articulating. I’m just going to post whatever quick notes come to mind and let the others post something that’s actually, you know... coherent and intelligent.

Somehow we missed the rest of the shindiggers... dunno if they opted not to go, or arrived late, or what, but I met up with three of the girls (who I hope will post some fabulous accounts of all the fabulousness) at the store, and we waited until about noon at our rendevous point and then set off into the park. We’d all been inside already and taken the studio tour tram on our own, and decided that there wasn’t much to see... went on a few rides when we entered the park, then moved down to an area a little closer to Stage 12, which is the main Serenity soundstage.

I’ll let the girls describe exactly how we ended up loitering in a shrubbery (they are so much braver than me in so many ways), but I can tell you that we saw some very cool-looking extras... one of them was wearing a zany zebra hat. Summer walked by on her way to somewhere and waved at us. At one point, a PA noticed that the shrubbery was talking, and he came over to visit us. He then left, and came back with Nathan Fillion. Nathan chatted with us, we took some pictures, then he left and came back with Alan Tudyk. Then Jewel Staite was walking by, and was no doubt wondering why Alan and Nathan were over there talking to a shrubbery, so she came over to say hello too. (Everybody likes a talking shrubbery.) They all had to get back to work, so they moseyed away...

And then another PA came over and invited us in for a tour. We were taken into stage 12, where we got to wander through Serenity: we went up into the cockpit area, down through the corridor where everybody’s quarters are, through the dining room, out to the lounge and the infirmary. We didn’t go into the cargo bay, because they were shooting in there, but we did get to look in between takes; Summer waved at us and Sean gave us a funny look like "what is Summer waving at?" ;D Once we’d seen pretty much everything, the very kind PA led us outside again, and we ran into Alan again as we were leaving; he was on the phone so he just waved goodbye at us. Then we went back out and, you know... gibbered incoherently at each other. It was a good day.


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